Personal Success In Teamwork Essay Example

Personal Success In Teamwork Essay Example
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📌Published: 10 April 2021

Teams will always come down to each individual in it. If one member of the team achieves and reflects more inspiring attributes from the rest, they will be remembered greater than the rest throughout history. Succeeding as a single entity is superior to succeeding with multiple people because one will express and take in additional pride in what they accomplished on their own. In addition, the individuality created in succeeding alone will grant one a notable advantage in doing tasks that are meant to be done on their own.

In most group collaborations, one will always be implementing further work than the other. An example of this would be a singular person putting forth all the labor to finish a project while the other members of the group supposed to be helping with said project are doing the bare minimum. The responsibility one of the bunch is guaranteeing a passing grade for a group that doesn’t deserve it. People who do insufficient work will never learn how to be an individual.

Most tasks in life must be done on one’s lonesome, such as interviewing for a job or going to college. Others won’t be around all the time to help a person succeed. This might seem like a disadvantage to some people, however, it is the exact opposite. Achieving burdens alone can help one “concentrate easier and work faster,” according to The Personal Branding Blog along with being able to make decisions independently working at an acceptable pace. One must learn to be individualistic and to take matters into their own hands.

Being unconstrained and successful is better than succeeding in a group because one’s gratification of their work will be increased and working individually will give one more experience for when objectives must be done alone. A person should push themselves to accomplish things on their own to succeed rather than relying on others because in the end, one only ever has themselves.

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