Plastic Water Bottle Essay Example

Plastic Water Bottle Essay Example
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📌Published: 15 March 2021

A lot or people say we should ban plastic water bottles. But I don’t think they need to ban plastic water bottles here's why I don’t agree with it. If we just stopped using plastic to make our water bottles there would be a lot of problems. First we would need to find a new material that’s good at sealing things out like bugs and dirt. And then it also needs to be a very cheap material.

You may think metal is the best material to replace plastic with but it’s not. Think about it, metal is not cheap and they would need to make millions of metal water bottles which would mean it would be very expensive. So that means they would make water more expensive to make profits off of  and keep their business going. So I think we should not ban water bottles.

I know that they kill fish and ocean life. But that’s all our fault not the plastic bottles fault. If we pushed the laws on dumping plastic into the ocean there would be a lot less waste in our oceans. So again it’s all our faults not the plastic water bottles fault. Remember that if water bottles do get banned, water would be alot more expensive.


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