Privacy in the Age of Digital Social Media

Privacy in the Age of Digital Social Media
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📌Published: 11 April 2021

I have my concerns about the information being gathered and stored about me by social media companies. When social media companies store all of your data, it makes it easy for anyone to access it. Even if you posted something personal years ago and it is no longer on your actual social media page, companies considering hiring you can find it, which affects your chances of getting the job. I find that storing personal information is an invasion of privacy. To create a social media account you have to put all of your information in, such as your gender, your age, and where you live. Putting this information in, lets anyone be able to obtain your information. Some people are very private and want to post things just for family and friends but almost anyone can access all of your information, need be. The government should do more to regulate what tech companies do with your private data because it is a breach of privacy by tech companies who store all of your information. I also believe that people do have the option to share their personal information or to not share it but some people use social media platforms to keep in touch with family members as well as friends, that they may not see all the time, so they should have the right to want to post whatever they want without it being kept and potentially used against oneself. 

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