Problems of Adolescence Essay Example

Problems of Adolescence Essay Example
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📌Published: 15 March 2021

Adolescence is a phase when many external and internal factors influence the young minds of teenagers. It is necessary for parents to guide them to the right path. Teenagers undergo a lot of mental and physical changes in themselves, which had come up unexpectedly. This causes them to debate over right and wrong affairs. Teenagers are living in a phase called adolescence where they are neither adults nor young kids. Teenagers do not get a grip over the true nature of society. They are living in an extremely confused mindset and therefore end up befriending people on a random basis. Their friends slowly get a control of them and start to pressurize them and get them do many things. There have been many cases of peer pressure. They get disconnected from their parents. Teenager's mind is something which is very fragile. It can break or become mentally unstable just because of a few words. This is the sole reason there have been many cases coming up regarding mental depression. Due to the ongoing depression in these young minds, they frantically look for a satisfying and consoling mode of entertainment where they can debunk their emotions freely. They become addicted and glued to their monitors of laptops and televisions. They begin to play video games and whatnot to relieve their stress. This way, their academic grades go rocketing down. Teenagers also adapt to drinking, drugs, violence, etc., to relieve their stress. This leads to dysfunction of many of their organs and is extremely fatal. Some boys in their teenage years opt for sexual violence where they vent out their anger on the victim. Teenagers also undergo severe mental changes and become hostile towards their parents causing their relationships to slowly disintegrate. 

There are countless problems which teenagers undergo and this causes them to become extremely unstable mentally and physically. Some teenagers also opt for suicide. Therefore a teenager's mind is like a young growing plant which needs a lot of care and attention. They need to be taught to interact and communicate with their parents where they can free their mind load. They need a lot of love and care from their parents. Thus, it is now known that teenagers should not be allowed freedom.

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