Professors Appearing On TV Has Any Advantage

Professors Appearing On TV Has Any Advantage
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📌Published: 08 April 2021

First reason Professors who appear frequently on TV are not generally viewed as serious scholars, As a result, those professors will receive less invitation to attend academic conferences or less likely to receive research grand. This seriously hinders the professor’s opportunity to future grow as a researcher.

Second reason Professors who frequently appear on TV has negative effect on students and the university. Appearing on TV takes a lot of time to prepare, including preparation for the material, transportation time, and even time to dress up. This precious time can also be used to teach class, help students, or even do further research. As a result, professors who appear on TV waste a lot of time they can contribute to teaching and research.

Third reason Professors who appear on TV doesn’t usually help education to the general public. The TV network is not interested in having the professor explaining the intellectual substances of their researched. Rather, they are interested in having them explain some basic background information or history. This type of information can be easily presented by a serious reporter who has done his work properly.

Conclusion, because of the above reasons, it is highly questionable whether professors appearing on TV has any advantage. In fact, it could bring negative consequences both to the professors themselves and the university they teach.

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