Propaganda, Love and The Manipulation of History in 1984 by George Orwell

The book 1984 is by George Orwell. The book talks about a dystopian society in which their world is different from ours. The government party of Ingsoc is the ruler of Oceania. The novel 1984 takes back to April 4, 1984, and it is a bright cold day. The main characters in the book are Winston, Julia, Big Brother, and O’Brien. The book has the most powerful warnings against the dangers of a dystopian society. Next, the novel 1984 shows that the author creates an image of themes of what the future may hold and what we might come across. For the author writing the book, it gives us a warning to the people reading the novel. Throughout the novel 1984, there are themes of propaganda, love, and the manipulation of history.

Propaganda is everywhere throughout the novel. It shows the Two Minute Hate of the dreadful speech from Emmanuel Goldstein, making the citizens act in a repulsive way. Additionally, the posters of Big Brother labeling “war is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength" is symbolizing fear, control, and hatred to the citizens of Oceania. Many of the rules for the citizens are set by the Ministry of Truth and announce by the Party of what the Ministry has set that the Party should do to the citizens. The effectiveness of propaganda shows it reflects the Party’s current position, from chocolate rations to the honesty of an individual. Propaganda increases violence in citizens throughout the novel from young ages and older. The kind of dangers young age citizens show is on page 29. It quotes, “A tough-looking boy of nine had popped up from behind the table and was menacing him with a toy automatic pistol, while his small sister, about two years younger, made the same gesture with a fragment of wood. Both were in blue shorts, grey shirts, and red neckerchiefs, which were the uniform of the Spies. ” (Orwell 29) This quotation tells the reader that young citizens in the novel will slowly develop to be more aggressive and dangerous. Propaganda can also show the government providing false information about the past. The reason is that the government can keep the citizens in the dark and destroy those in power to advance their selfish ideals. We can make connections of propaganda to the real world by knowing that our society is trying to prevent these dangers and fear. Having propaganda is terrible for our development because everyone wants peace. freedom, and have increased productivity.

Next, love is a critical part to consider in the novel 1984. It plays an extremely vital role in Oceanian society and the Party.  It shows that love can conquer all hatred and fear. In the novel, Winston wants to be able to find some freedom and love someone emotionally. He does not want to continue to live under the suffocating circumstances of the Party. Love can take part in Winston’s memories about his mother of how much she cared for him can rebel against the Party’s hatred and stop the Party’s rise to power. If the Party does not win, the bonds between parents and children are not broken and will have all children born. Winston has a unique relationship with Julia in which to help fight against the Party. On page 161 of the novel, it quotes, “She flung herself into his arms, kissed him almost violently, and a moment later pushed her way through the saplings and disappeared into the wood with very little noise.” (Orwell 161) The main reason for the characters to find love in the novel. It is because it prevents the Party’s goal from succeeding in having the ability to tear down love. In the end, if the Party wins, it will result in the Oceanian society being unnatural and taking away the affinity that the couples have. It can be an indicator of the way that the Party has changed what marriage means. The connection of love between our society and their society is different. The reason is that love in our society can be a foundation of freedom for everyone. Additionally, love can help prevent propaganda because it helps you feel excellent and content throughout your life. However, in the novel, love in their society is not allowed and prevents relationships from happening. 

Lastly, later in the novel 1984, Winston reveals the theory of manipulation of history behind the Ministry of Truth. He learns from the Party’s understanding that rewriting the past will help control and maintain their position of authority. History defines the people in the novel. Since every citizen does not have an accurate understanding, they accept the information as true of what the Party provides them of the past. On page 44 of the novel, it quotes, “Who controls the past,’ ran the Party slogan, ‘controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.”(Orwell 44)The citizens of Oceania believe Oceania is at war with an enemy. Citizens of Oceania can only reflect and compare to the time they are living now. However, to the Party, history stands as complete domination over their people. As a result, the Party will gain their ultimate power it desires and can consider the ruling Party. None of the citizens will be able to destroy them. In our society, our government does not take control of the citizens. We can have the right to do anything, such as the right to vote and speak. In the novel, the Party can overrule the people and have the power to take away their privacy by watching them through a telescreen and brainwashing them.

In conclusion, it teaches us some of the possible themes from the novel happening in reality as a result. The reason is that we can understand propaganda, love, and the manipulation of history in the novel 1984. Next, we can infer and discuss these themes in our society that we can start improving today.  I disapprove of the novel when Big Brother, who is the ruler of Oceania and the leader, begins providing falsification about the Party history books. However, Winston believes that he knows the true history of the Party. Unfortunately, he can not recall much of the information. However, I like the novel when Winston and Julia get into a relationship together. I feel that their society should focus more on love. In the novel 1984, I notice that Emmanuel Goldstein, who is the Enemy of the People, is teaching the act of sabotages and disobedience to the people. It is a good reason why their society should be about love because it affects other lives. Finally, I think love can bring positivity to their world.


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