Pros and Cons of Cell Phones Essay Example

Pros and Cons of Cell Phones Essay Example
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Cell phones have their perks but so far it has caused damaged with interacting. Cell phones interactions can impact things like relationships, mindsets, and communications within society.

To start off with, cell phones can take relationships to a whole new level in source 1 it states “Young adults’ text more, use texts to contact friends, and expect quicker responses. Younger adults also use text messages for a variety of functions in romantic relationships.” Young adults are more prone of using emojis to express how they feel they also use more abbreviations because in response its quicker and easier. Also, in the same area of source1 it states “about 15 percent of young adults reported they had ended a relationship via text message and 25 percent reported they had been dumped via text. The percentage of text break ups dropped in older age groups and the over 50 crowd never reported text dumps.” It is a well-known fact that breaking up over text is easier than in person you wouldn’t have to show your true emotions to each other but the emojis and abbreviations do it all for you. 

Secondly, cell phones take a huge impact in mindsets in source 2 it states “Studies show that homework is interrupted and children become distracted when they receive notifications of a new chat messages, texts, or emails” Suggesting that you can silence your phone but most people don’t want to use it.  They sense they might miss something since their always on their phones. Also, in source 2 it 

states“Good communication is important because when we are adults and applying for interviews, we won’t know how to have proper communication, which can result in not getting the job. Another thing is kids are so focused on social networking on our phones that we spend less time on schoolwork which causes bad grades. In the future when applying for college, they won’t accept us because we have bad grades and that is due to cell phone use,” Strahan added. Texting has, in many ways, made communication easier by helping people avoid long, 

unpleasant phone conversations and making a quick 

“Hello” much easier”. Social Media is meant to draw attention no wonder people get distracted by it. It also shows more of what you may be interested in. The more people look at what they like the more time wasted.

Last but not least, cell phones have an impact with communication in source  2 it states “Studies have shown that it makes it difficult for students who rely so heavily on technology to actually communicate to adults in person because they don’t quite develop all of the necessary skills to hold or even start a face-to-face conversation”. Cell phones slowed down interactions in communications lessening touch and capabilities to function. Also, in source 2 it states “However, these skills are a crucial tool in the workforce. If you want a high paying, stable job, or possibly even to be admitted to a university, you must have good face-to-face communication skills. If you lack these specific skills, you most likely won’t even make it through the interview.” When they get used to talking on the phone, they forget how to function in person causing stuttering and forgetfulness.

In conclusion, the interactions with cell phones can show effects in society that range from age and person. Cell phones interactions can impact things like relationships, mindsets, and communications within society.

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