Psychology Allows Me to Better Understand Human Behavior

Psychology Allows Me to Better Understand Human Behavior
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📌Published: 07 April 2021

My Father instilled the qualities of self drive and leadership from a young age. Taking rigorous courses in school coupled with my devotion to giving back to my community is the least I can do to follow his example. I strive to use my leadership qualities as I continue to be resilient and passionate in my work. In order to achieve my dreams of assisting and mentoring kids; I am currently enrolled in AP Psychology. I plan to earn a degree in psychology for my undergraduate before embarking on law school. 

Psychology allows me to better understand human behavior. Unlike other courses I am able to directly apply my knowledge from a classroom into reality. Moreover, Psychology has motivated me to write weekly wellness journals for future goals. These journals consist of my sleeping and eating habits, along with spreadsheets of my academic pursuits. With a bachelor's degree in Psychology, I will be able to participate in cutting age research, cognitive science and ultimately pursue my law degree. I intend to immerse myself in analytical skills and develop both quantitative and qualitative reasoning to solve difficult topics and tasks. 

Along with my in school preparation I also volunteer with youth in summer camps and elementary school. While schools are operating virtually however, I can no longer do so. Despite my numerous frustrations, quarantining is enabling me to step out of my comfort zone. For example, I’m developing interactive online lessons to excite the preschoolers in my Child Development class. Utilizing sites such as screencastify to narrate them. Although I would much rather see them in person I enjoy creating vibrant slideshows and I’ve even learned how to create animated Bitmoji classrooms. 

Psychology coupled with my Child Development 1-3 classes, which I have been taking since sophomore year, allows me to better understand children. In addition to my numerous years volunteering with Frederick and Montgomery County Recreation. I am well prepared to represent the youth as I work towards my career path to becoming a Child Advocate Attorney. My passion and self-drive paired with my stellar academic record, I am certain I will exceed my future goals.


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