Psychology is the study of the mind and of behavior

Psychology is the study of the mind and of behavior
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📌Published: 16 March 2021

There are many parts that make up psychology. A few of the topics that psychology encompasses includes the study of the way humans think, the study of how humans behave and develop, and the study of human emotion and drive. I am extremely interested in many aspects of psychology. For example, addiction is an issue many people deal with daily. It is something that not only makes an individual feel isolated but also causes them to slowly lose themselves. I have seen addiction hurt people in my family as well as take good people too soon. The study of addictive behavior and various mental health disorders that can also come with addictive behavior intrigues me because I want to know how someone who is so successful, can suddenly lose it all because of a behavior that has taken over their body. What causes addiction? Why do certain individuals have an easier time getting away from those addictive behaviors compared to others? Another area of psychology that interests me is developmental psychology. Furthermore, child development fascinates me. The way children learn, behave and change throughout their life is amazing. Everyone is diverse from one another, and I want to know more about why certain individuals are more intelligent than others. I also want to know why some children are shy and why others are outgoing. In addition, I believe child developmental psychology is important because it’s vital for children to be able to understand their feelings early on, so they know how to cope with those emotions. An area of psychology that is not as appealing to me is sport psychology. Though it is interesting how sport psychology studies the effect of performance when playing a sport, it is not an area of psychology that would be the first topic I would want to research and learn more about. 

Psychology relates to many areas of our lives. For instance, when someone is in a grim mood, if he or she smiles, it will make them feel better and a little happier. Another example is when trying to find motivation to accomplish something. Whether it may be wanting to turn an assignment in early or wanting to get into better shape, psychology can aid an individual to find motivation to complete that task. For example, setting specific goals during the time of wanting to accomplish something will help with getting that task finished. It also allows the person to reward themselves after completing each goal, which then motivates them more to continue accomplishing more. Lastly, psychology improves decision-making skills. Every day, decisions must be made. However, making the best and right decision is not always easy. Psychology has helped many with making the right decision. For instance, when thinking about what to do when deciding on something, making a pros and cons list of that choice will help to make the better decision. It is important to understand how that choice is going to affect you personally, emotionally, and mentally. Thus, the pros and cons list help to determine what to do. 

A minor detail about myself that is unique is I was born prematurely, only weighing 1 pound and 11 ounces. Due to being born so premature, I was stuck in the hospital for several months and afterwards had several therapists. One of those therapists helped me with my sensory issues. I still struggle with some sensory issues today but have come a long way because of the help I received. 

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