Purdue University Application Essay

Psychology has always intrigued me, even before I knew it was a profession that humans desired to pursue. It encapsulates every part of our lives, whether we are conscious of it or not. I grew up being very reserved which resulted in being excessively aware of my surroundings. Without recognizing it, I was analyzing the behavior of those around me at a young age. I was intimidated by what my peers would think of me yet desired to breach the barriers I forced myself into at such a young age. I eventually resorted to ripping off the constraints I had placed on my life after realizing how much I was missing out on. However, after those years of hiding, I began to wonder why. Why was I so anxious to live as solely as those around me? This mental rollercoaster I had faced as a developing child kickstarted my ambition to answer this question and understand human behavior. 

After years of feeling stuck in my reserved nature, I eventually spread my wings. Not only did I shock myself, but I shocked many people around me. I began being the talkative person in every type of setting who loved interacting with those around me. This transcended into my college years where I was able to gain relevant hands-on experience due to my desire to work with others. Over the course of my undergraduate degree, I have gained a deeper learning experience working as a teaching assistant for both child psychology and abnormal psychology. These opportunities allowed me to help others succeed in areas where my substantial academic record in psychology courses was prevalent. Additionally, I worked as a Behavior Technician at the Kalamazoo Autism Center which allowed me to gain insight into the practices involved around those with developmental disabilities. Through applying evidence-based, individualized treatment, I was proficient applying my skills and knowledge to promote a positive environment and insinuate meaningful change for my clients. Through my experiences and gained insightful information, I was able to determine that my long-term goals and desires include the continuation of my education at a university that can propel me to the next level for the sole purpose of creating change in the lives of others. 

The drive that students at Purdue University convey in academic settings is something I admire and aspire to be a part of. Research conducted by award-winning alumni and distinguished professors has captured my attention since I became interested in pursuing my education at the graduate level. After reading published articles by Dr. Daniel Foti, an associate professor of Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience, I was intrigued with the information he has sought and how similar it mirrors my interests. My long-term goals include being involved in research that pertains to abnormal responses for those with disorders qualified by the DSM-5 from a biological standpoint. I wish to work with individuals with like-minded objectives to potentially discover further information on how the neuronal mechanisms can be slowed to limit these atypical responses. 

Another professor at Purdue University who has caught my attention includes Dr. Brandon Keehn whose research interest pertains to the Autism spectrum and related neurodevelopmental disorders. As a result of working at the Kalamazoo Autism Center, I am intrigued with more significantly enhancing my knowledge on developmental disorders at the neurological level. The clinical and neuroscience programs at Purdue excite me for all the possible outcomes that could arise from working with distinguished alumni, motivated peers, and pushing my limits to unlock creative possibilities relating to the field of behavioral science. I believe that advancing the science of psychology is a fundamental aspect of human existence. Creating change in the lives of others by working with those with collective interests is at the forefront of my long-term goals which can be achieved through meaningful connections with others in advanced academic areas.

Purdue University has a range of exceptional psychology programs that aim to advance the science of psychology to yield new results in the field. I aspire to continue my education at a renowned university that can fulfill my academic needs and exceed the expectations that my younger self had once formed. The master’s program that Purdue University delivers would accelerate my goals towards making an impact on the lives of others with the certain mindset that I can do anything I set my heart to as a future boilermaker.


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