Putting People Into Factions

Putting People Into Factions
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📌Published: 10 April 2021

Putting people into factions is not by any means beneficial because resources will not be available for certain factions. It will cause people to not be able to explore life and do things outside of their faction.  It will result in greedy power hungry factions overpowering other factions. If you put people into factions it will result in chaos,war,and betrayal. Therefore you should not put people into factions.

When you put people in factions it could lead to there being fewer resources for certain factions. Having fewer resources can increase the chances of certain factions being malnourished. Certain factions would have better agriculture which would mean they have better resources for farming and raising livestock. Pricing would be much more expensive for factions with little to no livestock and crops so lots of people would be lacking nutrients.Factions can lead to many issues with resources. 

Not being able to explore and do things outside of your faction could also be a big problem. When people can't exit their factions it results in only being able to do the activities promoted by their faction. Furthermore when people can't exit their faction  they clearly will not be able to experience anything other than their boring non changing life. They wouldn't be able to explore other religions or cultures, which means there would be no diversity. And without diversity life would be so boring. People should be able to explore and enjoy life and being in factions makes that not possible.

Also when putting people into faction there will always be power hungry factions that will try and overpower other factions. When power hungry factions try and take over that will result in war. However other people might say that putting people into factions will avoid war. But greed and power will always come before peacefully being separated into factions. That is why people should not be put in factions.

In conclusion putting people into factions is not beneficial because it will lead to resources being scarce for certain factions. It will lead to no exploration of anything other than your faction.In addition it can also lead to power hungry factions starting wars. The idea of factions should never be a possibility when deciding a way of life for humanity. 

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