Pythagorean Theorem Game Proposal for Otsimo

Pythagorean Theorem Game Proposal for Otsimo
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Otsimo is a wonderful platform for teaching children with autism how to handle day-to-day life. It also has some great tools for teaching children the things they would be learning in pre-school and kindergarten such as letters, numbers, and shapes. The story of how the company came to be really resonated with me, because my younger brother has Autism as well.

Background and Purpose

Public schools are often woefully underequipped and not designed for students with Autism, especially as you get to higher grades such as middle school and high school. Many students with Autism have trouble in classes, whether that is because of the teaching styles, other students, or overstimulation. In the United States, nearly one third of students with learning disabilities will not graduate on time.

Proposed Plan of Action

I believe Otsimo would be an ideal platform to help older students with Autism. I would like to develop and publish a game with the help of Otsimo that can teach the Pythagorean Theorem. This specific game would be a full-scale game to serve as a proof of concept, and more can be made following Otsimo’s existing model for other topics afterwards, targeted at older students with Autism.


From start to finish the project would last 12 months, with 10 months of development and 2 for support after launch.

Post Job Listings – April 5, 2021

Move into Office – April 26, 2021

Begin Pre-Development – May 3, 2021

Begin Development – May 31, 2021

First Prototype/ Begin Testing – January 7, 2021

Launch Game in Otsmio – March 7, 2022

Release Final Patch – May 2, 2022


Because this will be a relatively small game covering a single topic, we will not need a large team. In fact, I plan on having one or two people at most in any given area. The mathematician would only be a consultant, not a full-time team member.

Tanner Russell – Lead designer, programmer; B.S. in Game Design, 2 years’ experience

Programmer needed – B.S. in Game Design or Computer Science; at least 3 years’ experience

Game Artist needed – B.A. in Game Art or Graphic Design; at least 3 years’ experience

Mathematician needed – B.A. in Mathematics and/or Education; 5-10 years’ experience


The following is a breakdown of the requested funding and how it will be spent:

Software Licenses & Fees - $6,000

Office Space - $13,650

Computer Hardware - $5,000

Staff - $185,000

Total - $209,650


I am requesting authorization and funding for this project from Otsimo to publish on your platform. All profits and proceeds will go to Otsimo after the development cycle of the game has ended. Please reply by March 26, 2021 at [email protected] for confirmation. I hope together we can help put people like our brothers through school one day.

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