Qualities of a Good Parent Essay Example

Qualities of a Good Parent Essay Example
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📌Published: 15 March 2021

Our parents are the individuals who have an effect on their children, and therefore they are the most important part of our development. There are several features that are important to being a successful parent. 

First of all, their children must be helped in every way. Parents, after all, are the ones who have the most faith. If they do not obtain any support, their inventions will be harmed. Take, for example, an extreme situation. Not all students are successful in the academic sector, but they can choose from different kinds of jobs. Parents play a vital role at this point in inspiring them to do something else. Nevertheless, whether they pay little attention to them or even neglect them, it seems like this universe has abandoned them. This is going to make them less optimistic and could ultimately go astray. 

Accountability is equally relevant. If the bad habits of their children are not changed at an early point, it can eventually lead to a serious outcome. I think a good example is my good friend. His parents abandoned him for so long that he started to be deviant and act out of character. He would steal, fight, and wouldn’t come to school. This led him to be in and out of jail on the regular. Having a good parent does affect a child in the long run.

Finally, the power of love is very necessary. Studies show that a well-sounded character would be created by being in a loved family. They tend to become more open-minded and sociable rather than children living in a careless household. Such features are often more likely to make them blend into a community or culture. Love is something that every child should get but unfortunately some won't experience it.

In my experience growing up, my mom was the most affectionate rather than my dad. Though I know my father loves me, he didn’t show it as much as I would have liked. It got harder as my parents grew apart and ultimately got a divorce. The love was and still is always there between me and my parents. Love is a certain thing that every child needs growing up, thankfully I had enough from my mom that I grew up to be an amazing human being.

To sum up, good parents need to be accountable, full of love and always on the side of children. Parents who have these features will ensure that their children are always the best. Though some parents won’t always be there for their child, I hope that when they get older it will be different for their children.

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