Quality of Life Self Care Wheel Essay Example

Being in recovery, I understand the importance of having balance in all the other areas of my life. Without balance, things easily become unmanageable and overwhelming which consequently makes me feel defeated. In the past I did not take care of myself like I should have; however, the more I practice self-care the more I am able to fully grasp the importance of it and see how it could have benefited me tremendously in the past. Self-care helps me preserve my well-being and find happiness. I can easily get run down if I do not take care of myself and I have experience how that lessens the overall quality of my life. Self-care, for me, definitely is a necessity but also a process. I am seeing more and more that I cannot put myself in a situation where I am putting everyone else’s needs above mine. 

I have always tried to not let my psychological life become of greater or less importance than all the other areas of my life. It is tricky how to know when I have done all I can to care for my mental health and to not go overboard with it. When it comes to mental health, there are just some things that take longer to work on than others and it is easy to be harsh on myself about why I have not been able to just get to the solution already. I have learned tools to not be so hard on myself and to not let my emotions about myself get the best of me. I have, in the past, found it difficult to be self-aware about certain things I am thinking or feeling which has caused my behaviors to not match up with my morals and values; but, I have been able to work on this by using my past experiences as a tool to stay in tune to how particular instances have made me feel, think, and behave. In addition, I am learning to understand myself more as well as how to cope with life challenges and changes that occur. 

When it comes to my emotional life, I have not always been the kindest to myself; however, I am learning to love myself more and I have been actively gaining more and more self esteem. Affirmations and esteem-able acts have really helped to increase how I feel about myself. Due to my past of being extremely codependent and a tendency to put everyone else’s feelings before my own I have been learning to not put my emotional self-care on the back burner. Throughout my life I have suffered through things, especially relationships at my own expense. My happiness and self-worth has become too important to me to where I am no longer willing to save someone’s feelings and protect them from getting hurt. I have to make sure I check myself daily because if I let my emotions get the best of me then it could very easily affect how I feel in other areas of my life. I have been able to keep caring for myself emotionally by continuing to do what is best for me despite if it may be hard at time or if I am fearful of hurting someone else. 

Spirituality is something that I have always kind of known about but I never really understood what it meant to be “spiritual”. I was clueless on how to establish peace and harmony in my life; in addition, I always wanted to find connection and meaning. Everyday, through enlarging my spiritual life, I am finding those things more and more. For the longest time I thought it meant the same thing as viewing religion and I had a very prejudiced view on the matter. For me, staying active with my spiritual life is what keeps me grounded enough to be able to care for myself in all the other areas of my life. 

I have always been a social person and I used to find it extremely difficult to spend time alone or focus on doing things for myself. My personal life has become almost like a safe haven because without my space away from the chaos of life and people I do not think I would be able to deal with what life throws at me. I have been getting to know myself more when I get time to myself because I am able to figure out my preferences for things and I can engage in finding hobbies and ways to pass my time. I still find it difficult to balance my “me” time with all the other areas of my life. 

As for my professional life, I am assistant house manager of the sober living I also live at; furthermore, it is sometimes difficult to find balance and set up boundaries since I live at the place I also technically work. I have been learning the importance of communicating my needs especially when I need time off; unfortunately, it is still a work in progress and sometimes I still struggle. I have always overworked myself when I have a job so I am learning I cannot do that to myself because if work consumes me then I will be discontent in all the other areas of my life. 

Physically, I do not take care of myself as I should and I can see how it affects my mood and ability to handle life. Eating healthy and exercising are things I have always really struggled with; as well as, my body image and weight which affects my mental and emotional health as well. There is a lot more I could do to take care of myself physically because I have experienced if I am feeling bad about myself physically then I also feel bad about myself in other aspects. Being unhappy physically and health wise definitely takes a toll on the quality of all other areas in my life; that being said, I have been trying to be more mindful about the food I am putting into my body. 

Overall, there are different things I have to continue to work on. Self-care is a continuous process because there is always going to be something I could improve on. It is very important for me to keep balance in every area because I believe all the areas affect each other; moreover, if one area is being cared for more than another then there will be areas of self care which I will slack on. I can see how not taking care of myself when in the helping profession could easily cause a burn out. In order to stay happy I need balance in caring for myself in every area of my life because without self-care I will be irritable, restless, and discontent and everything becomes too much to handle.

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