Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry Analysis

Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry Analysis
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📌Published: 30 April 2021

Accepting to be able to give up a dream because you can’t take how intense it can be and you, yourself can just go back to your normal, regular lifestyle is wrong. There are too many people in the world that give up on their thoughts and their dreams because they get bullied, or they don’t feel confident about themselves. It’s ridiculous how many give up on their childhood dreams just because of what people say about them. This is the worst way you can think about pursuing your dream. You need to be confident and think of it as driving yourself to achieve something that no one else can. 

For an example in the story “Raisin In The Sun” when Ruth had found out that she was expecting another child she wanted to abort it. She thought bringing another thing into the family would be exoctic to do. That they wouldn’t have enough money to put clothes on the newborn or be able to feed all of themselves when the new baby came. Mama in the story is the woman who puts everyone back together. When people are down in pieces she brings them back up. Ruth was going to tell Walter that she was going to abort the baby and Mama said to Walter that if he didn’t say to Ruth and say not to abort the baby then he was a disgrace. A couple days later they covered the topic again on moving day and Ruth said that she will get another job and will mop floors with the newborn on her back. Ruth pushed through her situation and succeeded and didn’t give up. You can just accept giving up because it will make another situation harder. Your mind will have to know that and you will need to drive yourself to keep pushing and get through the tough times but giving up is not a solution. 

Therefore when Mama bought the new house with her husband's insurance money she wanted to start a new life. A new adventure. Start a different look on African Americans. Karl Linder was the leader of the neighborhood's Welcoming Committee. A day after Mama said she was going to by the house Karl showed up unexpectedly at the Youngers home. He advised them that they shouldn’t move into a white neighborhood. He gave Walter a deal, which the neighbourhood would pay them more than they paid for the new home to not move in. Walter hadn’t told Mama the situation until it was moving day, when everything was already packed. When Mama had figured out what everyone was keeping from her she was devastated. Mama said she was going to let the neighborhood have the house take their money. She believed that she couldn’t handle being a African American in a white neighborhood. Walter found his pride and told Mama that she couldn’t give up on there one shot of having a real house. Showing up on moving day was Karl Linder, he came up to their door and they all stood still for a second. Karl came to advise again that they should take the offer, but Walter stood up and explained that they were keeping the house and there was nothing that was going to stop them. In this situation Walter decided to pick up Mamas feelings and tell her why they shouldn’t give up on the house just because a Welcoming Committee threatens you. Walter realised quitting because someone doesn’t want you there is letting them get their way and letting them feel good. You need to fight back like Walter did for the new home. 

People walk around worrying whether they are doing everything in life right.  Whether they pay the bills by the due date. Or worrying if you are going to be able to feed your newborn. Or even if you are going to fit in a new neighborhood. From the “Raisin In The Sun '' Walter, Ruth, and Mama all together overcame their situations by reaching higher and working harder for what they needed. Some just walk around and have a high standard and others have a low standard or no goal at all. The people that have high expectations for themselves push themselves. They drive themselves into the next level to achieve their goal. You don’t see them giving up when it gets hard. They wake up the next day and keep thriving through their work position. You need to maintain a high standard for yourself so it will push you more than having a low standard and knowing you can give up and it will be acceptable.

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