Reading Books Is Better Than Watching TV Essay Example

Lots of children would say that they love coming home from school, relaxing on the couch and watching some TV. But it is not better for you and the question is are books better than TV. So, if you want to find out the true reasons why books are better than TV then read on. 

TVs are expensive, you cannot say they are not. You buy a TV, and you are happy you did it even though you lost 1000 odd dollars. Then you worry about the power bill. These TV's cause stress and are the most annoying things in the world. You pay the bill and then sit down and start watching. But unless you want to pay more for the adless TV, you will not be able to enjoy a good show without being interrupted every 10 minutes. Whereas books are calm, relaxing and are inexpensive. You could even borrow a friend’s book or use a library. So, TVs are more expensive than books.

Have you ever seen someone take their TV outside and start watching something? We all know the answer, no. Books are portable take them outside on a warm summer day and relax or on a chilly day stay inside and read. When watching TV, you must stay in the one place. You might want to go outside when it is warm but must stay inside if watching TV. Books are a lot more portable.

According to the and Reading books vs. watching TV — is one really better for us? - Chicago Tribune, reading reduces stress, promotes comprehension and imagination, decreases the risk of depression and helps you sleep. Researchers have also proven that by reading books you could live longer. If living longer does not win this argument what will?

Alzheimer’s disease is an irreversible, brain disorder that slowly causes memory loss, decreases the ability to think clearly and eventually, effects the way people complete daily tasks. But reading every day could lower the chance of obtaining this deadly disease. 1.

Therefore, books are a lot better than TV. So, if you have the choice next time to read a book or to watch TV, you know which one to choose.


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