Religious views on modern issues: LGBTQIA+ Civil rights

Religious views on modern issues: LGBTQIA+ Civil rights
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📌Published: 28 March 2021

With the 21st centuries rising focus on the issue of LGBTQIA+ rights, especially to marry and to adopt children, it’s smart to take a look at some of the contributing factors to why these issues are so difficult for some people to accept. One of these factors is organized religion, and the teachings and prejudices amongst their followers. While organized religion is not inherently homophobic, its hard not to see a correlation between beliefs and homophobia. 

Christianity is one of the largest religions in the world spanning all around the globe, which means it's hard to say there’s one set view for the entire religion. However, polls have shown that the more devout the person's Christian faith is, the less accepting and supportive of LGBTQIA+ people they are, some going as far to call it a sin and attack those of the LGBTQIA+ community. However, there definitely are still examples of peoples with devout faith and being of open arms to LGBTQIA+ peoples, like Xavier university. It all depends on the people and the church they go to.

Similar to the situation with Christianity, Judaism and Islam are both too big and too diverse to say that they all believe one thing. Judaism is probably the most open of the big three being how even its conservative branch has many affirming rabbis. For Judaism it much more depends on the person than the religion. Islam on the other hand with its over a billion followers have a much less affirming view as a whole, though 52% of American Muslims when polled voted in favor of LGBTQIA+ acceptance. Even with the difficulty to find an affirming mosque, many supportive groups exist within the community and help create alternate places of worship.

One of the most open religions to LGBTQIA+ rights is Hinduism, due to the fact that their texts do not differentiate between Homo and Heterosexual acts and sees the sexual as something to embrace and cherish in marriage between two people. Even in the Vedas there’s a third gender pertaining to those who do not fall into the first. The Hindu American Foundation also noted that there is no fundamental reason to exclude them and should be welcomed, the Ramayana even features a powerful FtM warrior!

The final religion huge religion to mention is Buddhism, with its three main sects all having different views. The more traditional Buddhists being indifferent due to enlightenment specifying misconduct with anyone being wrong which suggest good conduct can include anyone as well. The only sect that seems to have more of an aversion to the idea is Tibetan monks, though it's nowhere close to the severity of certain Cristian believers. 

All 5 of these religions span all across the world so it’s difficult to say that each religion has one specific view on anything, so though organized religions sometimes don’t help. Don’t blame the individual, blame the system.


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