Renewable Vs Non Renewable Energy Essay Example

Renewable Vs Non Renewable Energy Essay Example
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📌Published: 03 May 2021

Renewable energy is better than nonrenewable energy because we must save our environment. Do you like plants? Did you know that using gas in cars kills plants and our environment, solar energy is saving our environment and plants because of photosynthesis.

Solar energy, you cannot use solar energy 24 hours a day but it is a free and easy way of getting energy but in some ways, it is worse than other energy’s, such as fossil fuel or gas in which you use in cars’ because you can use it at any time of the day. But fossil fuel lets off a gas that creates air pollution making it bad for the environment. Since this is bad for the environment, I think that you should use solar energy to save our environment. Solar energy is better than fossil fuel and gas because it is safer for the environment, with gas you are just killing plants and animals because of the gas that leaves the cars’ engines, or any machine that needs gas to run. One more of the benefits of solar energy is that it is functionally endless meaning when it gets its sunlight it will have a lot of power and it would run for a long time.

Some more disadvantages of solar energy are people who don’t get sunlight at all for like 2 months straight, that is when I think that gas and fossil fuels are better than solar energy. So, I think that the moral of this is that you should try to minimize the amount of gas usage because is bad for the environment. but solar energy is way safer than other forms of energy, because of this air pollution. When you pay for the gas, you are killing the environment not just because of the paper but when you use gas for your car and you are driving every time you get gas you are killing a plant. It is basically like saying “the more you spend on gas, the more plants and other living things you are killing”, but with solar energy, you are spending money, not as much but it is safe for the environment because of no air pollution, and no killing plants.

Wind energy, wind energy is a form of energy in which work well but requires lots of space, for example, if you have no sun and you don’t spend a lot of money on gas wind energy works pretty well, but if there is too much wind they will fall and you won't have enough energy. Solar energy is better than wind energy because to get the energy you must have wind and on a day that there is no wind, you are not getting any energy. Another advantage of wind energy is that it doesn’t kill the environment as fossil fuels and gas does. Wind energy does not produce carbon dioxide which is what fossil fuels and gas are made up of. Another disadvantage to wind energy is that you must have someone check on the wind turbine constantly which is a pain.

Renewable energy involves Wind energy, Geothermal energy, Hydrogen energy, Biomass energy, water energy or hydroelectric energy, and of course solar energy. All these renewable energies are safe for the environment because they do not let off any gas that creates air pollution. Hydrogen energy is a gas and if you use a lot of it does cause air pollution, but it does not let off as much gas as fossil fuels or non-renewable energy does, so it minimizes air pollution. Hydroelectric energy is where you can get energy from the ocean, river, or just any form of a body of water. You can get this energy from a dam, underwater wind turbines, and lower dams on small rivers and streams.

In conclusion I think that everyone should have one of the seven renewable energy because we need to stop air pollution and save our environment. I have talked about the benefits and I have also talked about the disadvantages of all of these renewable energy sources, but if you use gas there are only a couple of benefits and none of them are good for the environment. overall, I think that you should switch to a renewable energy source.

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