Required Covid-19 Vaccinations Essay Example

Like the flue shot, some people have swollen arms or feel bad after; however, it is important to get the vaccination to stop the pandemic. To stop the virse before it kills millions, we need to vaccinate most people that can get the vaccine. People with illnesses, like cancer, need people that can get the vaccination, so they can go out again and not have to hide away. Likewise, the vaccination will help protect against Covid-19 if they get it. It gives building block to start producing things the body needs to get rid of it.

The Covid-19 vaccination will bring some peace of mind to families and parents. With children stuck at home, they cannot get the virse as easy as their parents; however, they can get it from their parents and possibly die for it. After getting the virse, adults are more likely to devolpe serve illnesses from the disease. Now while children and young adults can get the disease, they are more than likely going to bounce back; however, their grandparents and possibly parents are at high risk for the disease. Over time, with the vaccination and social distancing, Covid-19 will become like the flue, at least that is what we hope for.

345 million people have taken the vaccination worldwide and about 79.4 million have had one dose in United States of America. Slowly more and more people are getting vaccinated, so that the world can start back to normal. You can travel or just go to the store without too much worry. People that need to travel for jobs will be safer. Nurse and doctors will be safer; however, they did get the vaccination at one the earliest time they could. Kids can go back to school and not have to take ‘mask breaks.’ You can go out without a mask or can continue if you wish. Things will never be the same again; however, we must continue on this world slowly getting better at everything we do for the future population.


The Covid-19 vaccination does not always stop people from getting the illness. It takes weeks to build up protection from the illness, but people still have to work in that time. Unlike the flu shot, which last about a year, the vaccine only last 4 months and there still much research about the illness. The vaccination is not fully going to work, and it takes hours to get it. Is it really worth getting?

The vaccination took a year to make when most vaccination take up to 15 years. There are flaws with a vaccination that was made so quickly. We don’t have much data of what it can cause for people in the future. Unlike the flu shot, past generations have not taken the shot for years. Much of the future is in question compared to other shots that we have taken for generations. 

Many people question how effective the vaccination is. The vaccine has 95% for Covid-19 and for Modern’s product 100% for serve diseases, which people do not trust since it has been out for a little time. Also, we do not know how long the vaccination will last. The flu vaccination lasts a year in total and is supposed to be given every year; however, how long do we wait till we give another vaccination?

In the end, the vaccination is not full prof, and many people question if the vaccination does what they say it does. The time it takes to get the vaccination long with how long other vaccines take to be devopled is stifling compared to others. With the flu shot it takes a minute; however, with the other shot it can take hours to get the first shot of the vaccination. The question most people question is it effective or is it unless.


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