Resistance During the Holocaust

Resistance During the Holocaust
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Resistance during the Holocaust can be define in many ways but the way that I define resistance is documenting everything that is or was happening right in front your eyes. On card 19 it states, “ And I am proud of this, that during these days of the greatest horror, I risked my life and was one of those who buried this treasure, an account of the burden of suffering borne by Jewish people under Hitler’s regime. In these days when so many people are shot for all sorts of crimes, I dug in the earth to hide this material, so that you who are reading this, will know of the suffering and the murders.”  I saw on several cards, but this in particular talking about how people wrote on anything they could find to hide it and hope that one day someone will read it. They didn’t know if they were going to be alive one day to tell their story. So to me they thought of resistance as documenting and trusting that someone will learn the horrors that took place during the Holocaust. I also found that on card 12 had a similar story to card 19. 

On card 12 it states, “ I sense that the eyes of the future are watching me, and so I must write.” and it also stated, “Friday, May 29 they found Shimon’s journal with him, a very thick notebook. While the Jews were being shot, he was sitting up in a tree, tied to it by a belt, and recording in his journal all that he saw. Perhaps if they hadn’t found this journal, they wouldn’t have killed him.” It just goes to show that they did everything in their power to resist like journaling and just hoping not to get caught, but in the end he did. I think they killed him because they saw this as a threat or as described, resisting them. They just wanted to show the world what was happening, hoping that someone cared. In conclusion, I feel that documenting everything that is or was happening right in front of your eyes can be defined as resistance during the Holocaust and can show how impactfull writing can be.

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