Revising and Editing in My Writing Process

The part of the writing process I need the most improvement on is the editing and revising portion. This portion of the writing process is arguably the most impactful part of making a flawless essay because it fixes all of the previous errors and inconsistencies. Usually, I will have created an adequate rough draft but then fail to push it over the edge and make it reach its full potential. Furthermore, enhancing my ability to edit and revise will inevitably increase my success because it will reduce all the mistakes and eliminate my informalities. Progression of this skill will come with practice, but to hasten that process, I plan on taking advantage of the plethora of resources provided to me. Specifically, I will take advantage of the GCWC since it allows professionals to read over my work and provide feedback on my mistakes. Applying all of the available resources in blackboard will serve very beneficial because it will decrease the amount of grammatical and format related issues in my essays. These subtle changes will drastically improve my overall performance as they will make my final product more advanced, consequently earning me a better score. Additionally, I will gain a greater understanding of simple procedures that are easy to undermine, such as format and punctuation. Despite revision being my weakest skill, I still need to improve on every aspect of my writing. Occasionally, I find myself shortcutting the brainstorming and outlining procedures. However, they are a potent aspect of the writing process, and improving on them could help my overall structure and performance. Components of critical thinking I need to develop more are clustering, researching, and creating an impartial viewpoint. To recapitulate, I need to heighten my ability to brainstorm, and clustering is another form of that which incites more critical thinking, so practicing it would be very advantageous. Being unbiased is the only way to achieve a compelling argument as it allows you to point out the flaws of one side to strengthen your claim. Admittedly, I have gotten influenced by my own beliefs before; I need to eliminate this habit. Finally, I need to conduct more research to get a superior understanding of the material, which will result in a more scholarly final draft. After practicing all of these skills, I will undoubtedly see an advancement in my grade and overall writing ability.


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