Rhetorical Appeals:Pathos and Kairos

Rhetorical Appeals:Pathos and Kairos
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đź“ŚPublished: 15 March 2021

The following image relies immensely on pathos and Kairos. The image attempts to portray a "wake up call" on our nation's first amendment: freedom of speech. In a rhetorical argument, pathos is meant to bring out the emotions of the audience, and can be described as almost the essence of the matter being argued. Americans often reference the first amendment in argument as to why America is the "best country in the world." The significance of free speech has always played a role in politics. In the above image, we see what looks to be an average American being silenced by what appears to be Uncle Sam-who is widely. referred to as the 'mascot' of America. Obviously, the thought of Uncle Sam-or in reality America- silencing people will bring out the emotions of the American people. Pathos uses fear tactics in a rhetoric argument to strike apprehensiveness in an audience. The text "all the free speech money can buy'' can also be seen in the image. This plays into pathos as well. The thought that only those who have money and power have free speech goes directly against the first amendment as well as the constitution and declaration of Independence. 

Kairos also comes into play in the following image. Writers enhance Kairos in an argument by bringing forth a sense of cruciality. This image is relevant to everyone living in America, and will therefore make a large amount of people reflect on the argument of the image. Kairos is also a part of the rhetoric argument strategy that considers the promptness of the message. While reflecting, many may feel a call to action. The thought that only the rich have a voice, and that America is silencing their people will certainly prompt many to revolt against our current system that situates the unfairness that is portrayed in this image.

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