Romeo and Juliet: Lust vs. Love Essay Example

How can 2 teenagers who just met be considered in love? In the story Romeo and Juliet, the 2 do not “fall in love,” they “fall in lust.” It is not loved because that takes time to develop, the 2 just wanted to be rebellious to their strict parents, and Romeo had just been rejected by a girl a week early he can’t move on that quick and call in love. The 2 teenagers were too quick to act to consider themselves in love instead they fell in lust. 

These 2 teens, Romeo and Juliet, were not in love, love happens or developed over time. The 2 teens were just introduced to each other and already considered themselves in love. Love does not happen instantaneously because, for example, I know people who have known a person since high school and were really good friends but started dating around 7 to 10 years after college. So in that case the love for each other is happening and developing over time and I am sure many people have had similar experiences, maybe just a little less time. The average person does not meet someone on Monday and by Friday they are planning to get married. People’s love happens over time. 

Romeo and Juliet wanted to go against their strict parents and be rebellious. Based on experience and being a teen. When your parents are heavily against something there is a slight urge to want to do that thing to get a reaction out of your parents. Also, Juliet had recently fought with her parents, and out of anger and dumb decisions of being a teen, she wanted to rebel against them. She found the perfect opportunity when a boy from a rival group of people met and she knew that her parents would be against falling in love with him so that's exactly what she did but it didn’t love it was just something to do to get back at their parents.

Romeo is not in love with Juliet because he had just been in love with a different girl a few days earlier. That girl rejected him but there is no way that he got over that girl in a week that he had claimed to be in love with. He then meets Juliet who is just in love with him so that she can rebel against her parents. So Romeo also claims to fall in love with her. But love is a long-term idea and emotion. So Romeo can not love one girl one week then a week later meet a random girl and fall in love with her. That is not how love works, there is no long-term commitment in the way that Romeo uses the word love. People in love get married and live a long time together. Romeo’s love lasted a week so that is not the way that love is supposed to work. So the love between the two was more of lust.


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