Rosa Parks, Monuments Men, And The International Women Of Courage

What does it mean to be courageous? Well, that’s an excellent question, one that we will be answering with the help of some impressive people, that represents that word! For starters, courageous means to be a risk-taker, to be brave, and fearless. With the help of Rosa Parks, Monument Men, and some women that did only awesome to this world, we will be able to discover the main meaning of the word courageous. Stay tuned, for more interesting information. Hope I don’t leave your cookies stale! 

To begin with, Rosa Parks is a woman who demonstrates courage by standing up for herself and others. Have you ever wondered what her life was like, and the amazing adventures some terrifying and some pleasant? Even through rough times, Rosa Parks was an amazing person and, a truly inspiring human being, who would risk anything for the safety of others! Back in the day blacks were supposed to sit in the back and whites in the front of the bus, but with just one action Rosa changed this unfair situation. This example provides proof that Rosa Parks changed civilization dramatically, “If an African American passenger was sitting in the row, he or she was expected to give up the seat and stand. This is what Rosa Parks was told to do—and she refused. She knew that the bus driver’s request was not right or fair and, even though she knew her resistance would not be well received, she defended her beliefs.” This right here is the definition of being a risk-taker. Rosa for sure changed our country and its people for the better.  

Let's elucidate, The Monument Men are another great example of courage. These men were truly something else they were fearless in every way possible. They interfered with Hitler’s plans and that for sure takes guts. They somehow managed to save the Western Treasures. It was a total of 345 men and women from 13 countries! Putting their talents to the test! As a result, as it states in the passage “In advance of the Nazis, the Monuments Men evacuated 400,000 works from the Louvre, 1 including the Mona Lisa, which they shuttled to safety six times.” These people were brave as well. It's amazing how a group of people can change so much. The Monument men engaged in their mission until it was completed, these people were true heroes and will forever be remembered as a courageous group. Is there anyone else who represents the meaning of courage, well if you want to know tag along and see!  

Moreover, There's another group with amazing people, this time especially women.  These women help so much, and I'm here to show you how. First offs, they are celebrating The International Women of Courage Awards these awards are given to women who show leadership, bravery, and a willingness to sacrifice for others. Someone who has participated in this 6 times is none other than Michelle Obama she is an independent and respectful woman who deserves to be in this magnificent event. In the passage, it states “That is the courage we celebrate today; that willingness to not only ask that question but to devote your soul, your entire soul, toward finding an answer; that fearlessness to step forward even though you don’t know what lies ahead; that audacity to believe that principles like justice and equality can become a reality, but only if we’re willing to sacrifice for it. These women have spent their years equipping themselves with knowledge. These women love giving kids the knowledge they deserve and that they need. We must ALL challenge ourselves with the courage to summon every single day in our family, and in our communities; those were the strong words of Michelle Obama. Words can impact anyone's life, but certainly in different ways. Courage is an amazing attribute to have, if you have that you have self-confidence, and then after that, no one can stop you from encouraging other people and making the best of yourself!   

To conclude it all, Courage means to be a risk-taker, to be brave, and fearless. Courage is what makes you and the person you will become in the future. Just like Rosa Parks did for refusing to give up her seat, she had pride in what was hers and wasn’t going to let a person change that. The Monument Men as well showed fearlessness and destroyed Hitler's plan. Michelle Obama and all the wonderful women who show top in their class in leadership, bravery, and most importantly willingness to sacrifice for others. These women showed so many awesome and important qualities! All these amazing people showed what it means to have courage. You can be the best all you have to do is have courage, with that you can reach unreachable goals just be you be fearless, brave, and a risk-taker. I hope you understood the importance of being courageous, now if someone asks you what it means you have an answer. Just remember without courage you wouldn’t be the best of yourself!


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