Rudeness in Modern Society Essay Example

Rudeness in Modern Society Essay Example
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📌Published: 29 March 2021

While some people believe kind people are everywhere, in my experience, people are mean and cruel because of my interactions with people, most have had a bad day, so it affects their mood for the rest of the day. I do not believe people are kind enough, most people are rude and inconsiderate because of something that happened to them earlier. If we are kind to people who have been inconsiderate, then it might change their perspective and help them have a better day and be kind to other people. 

Most people in my interactions are rude and inconsiderate. Whether it is in real life, or on social media, people are always going to be unkind. In my interactions, people on social media are far worse than people in real life because they have a screen to hide behind and do not see any repercussions to their actions. People in everyday life are a little bit more considerate towards other people because the person is standing right there in front of them. 

I have seen that most people that are unkind to other people have usually had a bad day or something bad has happened to them recently, such as if a person’s car broke down that morning and you are the cashier at a gas station, but he just had to walk two miles to the gas station. He is not going to be the friendliest person in the world. The next day, he came driving up in a new area he just bought though he would be a lot friendlier. It depends on what type of day the person is having.

We might be able to change people’s behavior about being unkind by being kind to them. Most of the time when someone is unkind or inconsiderate, they have had a bad day, or someone was unkind to them first. By being kind to that person, it could change their behavior or their perspective on their day or make them think that whatever happened to them really was not that bad. If you are kind to that person, they might also pass it on to another person. In one instance, I was waiting in a long line in the gas station, but there was this person that looked upset and, in a hurry, so I offered for her to skip me and she gladly accepted. If I did not go out of my way to be kind, she might have been rude to the cashier or been late to something important. By being kind to her I changed her behavior and perspective on her day. 

In conclusion, in my experiences, most people are rude and unkind. There are many things that can affect someone’s mood for that day like being late for work or school, however if you go out of your way to be kind to that person, then their perspective or mood may change for the rest of the day even if you do something as simple as holding a door open for them it will make a difference.

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