School Passing Periods Should Be Longer Argumentative Essay

School Passing Periods Should Be Longer Argumentative Essay
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📌Published: 05 May 2021

The new students are lost and worried while trying to find their next class in under four minutes. The other students try to run from one side of the school to the other in under four minutes. The tsunami of middle schoolers causes you to become deaf to your thoughts as you try to use the bathroom and get to class in under four minutes. School would be better if there were longer passing periods because students would be more focused during class, run less in the hallways, and younger students would be less stressed.

First, students would become more focused during class. If students had a longer time between their classes, more would be able to use the bathroom during that time. Right now, students are waiting on purpose to use the bathroom during class. This means that the students hate that they have to waste their limited bathroom passes. Plus, the teachers hate that their important lessons are getting interrupted. Even though the average bathroom visit is approximately twenty seconds, the amount of people waiting to use the bathroom is what makes the overall visit longer.

Secondly, there would be less running in hallways up stairs. As someone who has walked down those halls numerous times, I know that it is very dangerous for running to accor. I have witnessed shoes and pencil cases trip dozens of students. Sadly, no one wanted to help pick it up for their peers. No one wanted to be late for their next class. I mean, sure, you could enlist teachers to monitor the halls for runners and write up detentions, but that would just add more people into the hallways. Also, the runners would still have trouble getting to their classes on time.

Lastly, students in the younger grade levels would have a less stressful time at school. Along with their piles of school work, the sixth graders are trying to learn their way around a new school. I am closer to their grade level, so I know how it feels: loneliness and fear. Administration always says, “We’ve given the sixth graders a map of the school. That should be enough.” However, the map in question is in a fine print. You would have to use a magniscope from one of the science classes to use it. For the first two weeks of school, I think that teachers should not count tardies. I think that would really help the sixth graders feel less nervous.

To sum it up, this four minute passing period needs to be a thing of the past. If it were gone, students would learn more efficiently. Also, everyone would have a safer, easier time getting from class to class. New students would also have a less stressful time in general. So, now is the time to change the amount of time students have to get from one class to another. After conducting a poll at our school, I’ve decided that an increase of two minutes would suffice.

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