Science Fiction Film - Snowpiercer. Film Review

Science Fiction Film - Snowpiercer. Film Review
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Snowpiercer is a korean Sci-Fi film set in the year 2031. It’s written and directed by Bong Joon-ho, as well as being partially written by Kelly Masterson. It has a fairly recognizable main cast, consisting of actors like Chris Evans, and Octavia Spencer. 

The main plot of the film is fairly simple, but has fairly complex world-building elements. In 2014, a special chemical called CW7 was released into Earth’s atmosphere to cool global warming effects. This backfired and caused the world to go into a humanity caused ice age. The survivors of the cold went on a train that circled the globe once every year. The film takes place 17 years after this event. We meet a man named Curtis Everett, who lives in the tail of the train with other survivors. The conditions are horrible, and they are treated like prisoners. Curtis has been planning a revolution, and we follow the group as they put it into action. 

The future described in Snowpiercer is cold and dark… literally. The world is a frozen wasteland, and anyone put outside the train can and will freeze to death. Honestly a future like this wouldn’t surprise me too much, as global warming gets worse scientists will try and find an easy way out. The easy way out depicted in this film just happens to freeze the planet. It’s honestly a little terrifying to imagine a future like this. 

I’m not sure what Bong Joon-ho was trying to say with this film, as the plot was much more character based. The ending was incredibly dark, and made me feel a lot of emotions, but I’m not able to describe them. The plot and theme were more socially focused, rather than being a warning message for global warming. 

This film was amazing, and I loved it. I can find flaws of course, but overall it was an incredible movie. I’d recommend this to anyone who loves that sci-fi, dystopian type of feel. 

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