Sephora Essay

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  • Published: 08 April 2021
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The 21st century is an era of evolution. The prototypical image of today's population is no longer governed by primitive gender norms. These fickle intangible "standards" have always been a part of history, yet they no longer have an iron grip on today's generation. Unfortunately, people of the past were not so open-minded. Just ask Oscar Wilde, renowned author of The Picture of Dorian Gray. Not even his short burst of fame could shield him from the laws built from the foundation of dated morals. Who knows what else he could have accomplished if it weren't for these laws that ultimately lead to his death? If Oscar Wilde were to be revived in this generation, he would be astounded by the growth shown in recent years. People are no longer restricted by unnecessary titles or stereotypes, and the world is slowly accepting the change. Known for his lively appearance and flamboyant fashion sense, if Oscar Wilde were to open the app store, the Sephora app would immediately draw his eye. Opening the app, he would be shocked at the number of items available for him to buy freely without judgment, and he would open a door to a whole new world of self-expression. Once introduced to cosmetics, Wilde would quickly become enamored with the countless new possibilities. With the Sephora app, Oscar Wilde would not only have the freedom to do what his heart desires, but it would also show him how far the world's standards have evolved. 


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