Should College Athletes Be Compensated?

Should College Athletes Be Compensated?
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📌Published: 14 March 2021

College athletes put way too much sweat and tears to not even get a slice of pizza. If you think about it these coaches of these big-time teams are rich so if these college athletes do all the work for them don't you think that they deserve a little something from the NCAA. I want to be a college athlete when I get to college so that's why this is such an important topic for me. This is why I think that college-level athletes should be paid for what they do.

These college athletes are the money makers for these rich coaches because they play like it’s professional but still get nothing back in return. The NCAA said that they were going to try and get the athletes paid but California said that they want it now so the governor went out and said that they could be paid against the ncaa. I think that it's a good idea what the California governor did because the NCAA could take years to pass this and the governor did it in hours. The governor is fed up with these college players putting in the hard work that they do and get nothing in return for it but then the coaches become rich of the players and give nothing to them. The NCAA also said that they were going to remove California from the NCAA if they go against the NCAA rules. ‘That means strong teams from the University of Southern California and the University of California, Berkeley could be banned.’The NCAA would lose so many achievements if they removed California from the NCAA that they would ever lose from any other state and if California makes their NCAA then they will lose other states. The NCAA believes that a scholarship is enough for the players but it's not. the NCAA knows that they are never going to pay these college students but instead they wanna just sit and make money from people. They are just attempting these incoming college players to go to the NCAA instead of overseas or anything else by telling them that they will get a paycheck. what about all the other players who came to college before and never made any money in college and didn't make it to the NBA or professional leagues. the older players are going to end up getting mad at the NCAA for not paying them. The older players will start talking about the college players coming in then there will be anger between the players. college players do a lot and don’t get paid for it, even the pro athletes are enticing that they do a lot without a paycheck. They are also willing to not argue even though they didn't get a paycheck when they were in college. That just shows you that it's everyone vs the NCAA. They need to be paid and need to now because they do so much. If it wasn't for the athletes the NCAA wouldn't be as big as it is now. Those athletes made the NCAA popular and they didn't give them anything for it. I just personally think that they deserve a paycheck but not everyone has the same ideas.

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