Should eSports Be Used At School? Essay Example

Should eSports Be Used At School? Essay Example
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📌Published: 28 April 2021

Esports is a database used by thousands. The game choices are endless. Esports provide people with steady income and a fun way to pass time. There have been many discussions about the use of esports at schools. Many agree that esports should be allowed around schools. But while students are more comfortable with technology, esports should not be allowed in school because students will lose focus on schoolwork, lack the skills learned in traditional sports, and some people may not be able to get the technology needed to take part in esports. 

To begin with, the use of esports in schools will lower the focus rate students will have on schoolwork. Many students have a challenging time focusing on what they must do as it is, and games are a way out. Sometimes people get carried away and forget that stuff needs to be done. As Brooker said, “I can't go to class. I’m just gonna play video games.” (Source 2, Paragraph 5) Given these points, it can be seen that students can overall become extremely offtrack when given an entertaining distraction. More specifically, school is already hard. “Puchero never finished college," according to source 3(Source 3, Paragraph 13). Puchero is a famous gamer who dropped out of college to become a full-time gamer. He simply did not care enough about his education to stay. To sum up this paragraph, esports makes students lose focus of schoolwork. 

Also, there is a dramatic difference between esports and regular sports. Students will lack the skills that are learned during traditional sports such as social skills and face to face interactions. Although esports allows you to electronically communicate and interact also, it is always better to do so in person. 

To add to this argument, the use of esports would single out people who are not able to come up with the money that is needed to take part in esports. This may lead to an increase in school bullying. On the other hand, traditional sports do not require anyone to buy a expensive piece of technology. “The success of high school esports is dependent on the accessibility of necessary technology", as stated in source 1. (Source 1, Paragraph 30) This evidence helps to supports the fact that people may be excluded from doing esports.

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