Should Men Take Paternity Leave Essay Example

Should Men Take Paternity Leave Essay Example
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“Male paternity leave”  is a term people don't hear often. Some companies don't offer this leave and society shames it, but it unquestionably benefits families all around the globe. Paternity leave is when a father takes off to take care of his newborn, typically you hear of maternity leave (when a mother takes leave to take care of her child), but paternity leave is beneficial to households everywhere. Throughout history and to this day it's been a debate whether or not men should take paternity leave; however, when we consider the benefits of mothers, children, as well as fathers,  any reasonable person would say yes. 

When male paternity leave is taken it assists women in their work lives. Shelly Zalis writes in her article “Men Should Take Parental Leave” “When males/new fathers take paternity leave it can help impact women in their work-life. For example, it can create open jobs for women since employers want people who won’t have to take work off (maternity leave); they can’t work later hours because they have a baby to take care of, and they won’t be able to travel as much” (Zalis). When more men take paternity leave, the bias in our society will be broken down so we won’t have to associate this topic with only women.  Also, passing legislation that makes it available for both sexes when leaving for maternity/paternity leave would help level the playing field for men and women at both homes as well as at work. During the pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978, they fought for equal rights for parents of a new child, mother, or father. Meaning the father will not lose his job and will help out the mother of his child with work, creating a good reason for paternity leave. Furthermore, when fathers do take leave, women can return to work sooner—which may benefit a woman’s pay and chances for promotion when a man in his/her family. The child gets taken care of and the women can return to work faster, benefiting their work-life with the assistance of paternity leave

Some may argue that men are at a higher placement and that they earn more money, therefore they should not take off and make money for that family to stay afloat. 

According to Gale’s article Pregnancy Discrimination Act, October 31, 1978 “some men are in these higher positions, the pregnancy discrimination of 1978 states that they cannot have their pay lowered on a paid paternity leave “(Gale). Also when men do take that time off it opens more positions for women and breaks down the stigma society has created for men to take off work for a child.

Paternity leave benefits the baby. Considering all the issues people have with bad parental relationships, especially with fathers. Fathers must think paternity leave which can also impact the baby in positive ways. For instance, studies show that children with the fathering-figure in their life will suffer less depression, anxiety, and sometimes stress, and some of the best fathering relationships happen from a very young age. Creating another good reason for men to take paternity leave. In addition, creating a strong relationship with the baby and the baby's father is crucial, from a very early age, so creating those relationships early on in their life is good for them. Moreover, a good or bad fathering figure can impact the way a baby will let themselves be treated/ treat other people in the future. When a father sets a good example they will have good expectations of how they should be treated or treat others for the rest of their life. Making a present healthy fathering relationship important.

People may dispute that there are plenty of children that live without a father their entire life, and some people don't have stable fathering relationships.

Yes, some people live without a father or don't have a healthy relationship with that father, but it can help people raise their children when they had/have a positive impact of their father raising them.

Finally, fathers benefit from paternity leave by bonding with their newborn. Studies show that the very early stages of a baby's life are a crucial time for bonding.  Babies develop a hearing for voices it will remember for their whole life; mother's, father's, sibling’s, voices will be recognized if the baby has heard it early in its life. So It's great to be around the baby at this time. Assembling another example to take paternity leave. Furthermore, it prompts more men to be involved at home, women are more involved in work, and workplaces are friendlier for all parents. It turns out the stigma associated with men who take an extended leave when a baby is born is disappearing in some places as people take paternity leave. Ultimately, in the first half a year of a baby's life, they will learn to return their parents' smiles and react with facial expressions and respond to their parents and families with movements - the ultimate joy for a parent to see the first smile or other “firsts” of their newborn. This means, a bond needs to be created in the first half of a year of its life to certainly strengthen the foundations of a relationship with that baby. A baby is also starting to learn to recognize the faces of their family reasonably early on proving it crucial for a father to be with his young child. 

Certain individuals may argue, won’t the babies still eventually bond with their father? There are plenty of males that don't take paternity leave and still have a decent relationship with their children.

 Yes, people can still bond with their children after these critical early stages, but it's much harder, and babies genuinely bond from a much younger age. Also, most parents don't want to miss their baby’s first facial expressions, and first few movements, this is also how some children bond more with their mothers and less with their fathers.

By now it's clear that Male paternity leave(s) positively impacts mothers, children, and fathers. When more men take paternity leave, it breaks down the stigma that society has, claiming women are not the only primary caretakers for the child. It's the safety net that will catch a family in the mists of a new member being added to the family. It catches working women and the relationship between the father and child and cradles the child preparing it for its life to come.

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