Should Mountain Climbers Be Rescued Argumentative Essay

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  • Published: 08 May 2021
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When you are in a bad situation that you have put yourself into would you want to have a rescue as a back-up for your mistake? At that time you would then regret your decision but call for help, putting others in danger for your safety. This essay states why I believe reckless climbers should not have the luxury of rescue services being just a call away. Especially when climbers put themselves in harm’s way for “fun”.

Many climbers will attempt to defeat Mount Everest without noticing the possible outcomes and results of their actions. Guy Moreau states in the Informational Article, “Why Everest?” that people are climbing this mountain for no apparent good reason. “Rhys Jones probably has it right, but it’s been said in fewer words. George Mallory, before his fatal attempt to scale Everest in 1924, explained why he wanted to climb the mountain: “Because it’s there.”” This quote shows that people are scaling the mountain for no apparent reason. 

Mountain climbers will also climb until they need to be rescued and that is putting the rescue crew at very high risk of death or serious injury. The Seattle Times writes in the Newspaper Article “Ranger Killed During Rescue of Climber on Mount Rainier,” “Nick Hall, a climbing ranger at Mount Rainier National Park, fell 3,700 feet to his death Thursday afternoon, after helping rescue two climbers who had fallen into a crevasse according to a park news release.” The climber put themselves into danger and it resulted in Nick Hall’s death, one of several who died attempting to save these reckless people. 

People extend their bodies' limits to climb these land masses every day. Some of them may not realize how peaked their physical condition must be to withstand the high altitudes and low oxygen levels. Guy Moreau writes in the Informational Article, “Why Everest”, “There is also another problem facing some climbers: they may not be skilled enough. Nobody doubts their strength and fitness, but they may not know enough about mountaineering and the hazards that high altitudes present.” This shows that many people start the treacherous journey up the mountain without properly knowing what they are in for. This is causing many more calls for help and more deaths. 

You might think that any human has the right to be rescued no matter the choices they made leading up to the emergency. This is wrong for several reasons such as, putting the rescue crew in danger, and hurting more people than saving. Many rescue missions have gone wrong and ended up saving the person climbing and killing or hurting the rescuer. This is why climbers should not have the rescue crew there to save them when they made the mistake of climbing there in the first place.

To sum up all that has been stated, climbers that decide to start the climb up dangerous and fatal mountain paths should not be saved. Climbers are doing these climbs recklessly and are not thinking about the risks of hurting themselves and others such as rescue crew. Many people that have climbed up these mountains are responsible for the rescue crews endangerment and possible deaths. This is why I do not think climbers should be saved in dangerous situations on mountains.