Should Students Learn A Second Language Essay Example

Should Students Learn A Second Language Essay Example
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📌Published: 02 May 2021

Students should not be required to learn second language and why I believe and why you should too. For existents, some school districts lack the money for extra courses and if this were required it would be best to see how the students feel about this the majority would not like this decision. When this argument is brought up many make the claim that It would be useful and everyday life but in actuality that just would not be the case. I know multiple people who have forgotten most of their native language after moving to America. This is because they do not use day to day, nor do they have to because is not necessary. 

Many school districts do not have the right amount of money to hire new teachers, or the resources need for the class. But if it were required the district would have to take away money from other resources that are more important. If they take money from the textbook budget for example it would cause a problem because there would not be enough student and the teacher could not teach properly. By making room for a new class this could cause the other classes to become worst.  

Some students may find it difficult to learn a new language and if there having trouble with another class that would just be more stress. A second language is not needed in everyday life these would add stress for no good reason. If the student is stressed, they cannot be expected to perform at their highest level. They have an increased chance of failing because of the pilling and the difficulties of the class. 

The students May not be interested in the language they are being forced to learn. When someone is not interested in something, they do not give effort. The also may self-consciously prioritize thing they are mor interested in. This will result in low grade which will make the teacher look bad also the student. They will never use it day to day life and overall, it would just be waste of time.  

To sum up everything that was stated learning a second language should not be required. By doing this it may cause lots of students to be unhappy with this decision and some school districts may be unhappy too. This would just be put more stress on a student if there having problems with other classes. The students may not be interested at all learning a new language but and that would lead to a whole sum of problems.

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