Social Dilemma Movie Review

Wouldn't you like to be a smarter person each day? Wouldn't you like to learn more about technology? By watching the movie The Social Dilemma, you can learn so much about technology that you use in your everyday life to help benefit you and to make you more aware of what's happening in everyday life, and to protect yourself more against technology. This might teach you new ways of handling technology and help with everyday life obstacles. This is why you should watch this movie to learn more about technology to help you be more aware of what’s happening every day and learn new information about the world today.

The movie Social Dilemma is very worth watching because it provides you with statistics and internal statistics that you didn’t already know about technology. It can help you understand what the creators are doing in your life, so you can be aware of these things.  These basic methods can help you become a truly smart man or woman, and know what is happening internationally. One Instance from the movie The Social Dilemma “ We can do genetic engineering and develop new kinds of human beings, but realistically speaking, you’re living inside of hardware, a brain, that was, like, millions of years old, and then there’s this screen, and then on the opposite side of the screen, there’s these thousands of engineers and supercomputers that have goals that are different from your goals, and so, who’s going to win in that game? Who’s going to win? This evidence shows that there's a game and the sport is for our interest and the creators need to win. It’s among us or the people that created those apps and they know what to do to get our attention and maintain it on what they made, so most in all likelihood we lose the battle. The evidence helps the topic sentence and reasoning due to the fact the main objective is to give us facts so we can learn more about technology and know what they’re trying to do to us. The evidence supports the topic sentence because commonly human beings don't realize that technology is bad for you however they do not know what they do to preserve you mentally hooked on it as a substitute human beings assume it is a habit or they're bored however typical the creators mentally make it harder for people to go away the app or internet site. This generation is not reaping benefits on us that's why they positioned this in the film due to the fact they can display the data that we do not already know and strive to break from it. Another example from The Social Dilemma “Fake news is becoming more advanced and threatening societies around the world.” This evidence indicates fake rumors are going around through these apps and websites and those who believe it. The evidence supports the topic sentence and reasoning because everything on social media is fake. fake news is continually something humans consider and the whole story may be twisted and no one might ever recognize. The evidence helps the reasoning because there's fake news spread all around social media and this could lead to loads of hate and those can isolate themselves due to the fact they don't even know the whole story. Overall people should know about the creators and what they think about when they make these apps and websites and this can make humankind smarter to win against technology and be mentally smarter than technology. Just small facts about technology can make the average person smarter. This is important because if people don't know what's happening they're not going to fix what they said they're not going to understand what technology is, by showing people what technology is it can show how much negativity hate, fake news is on the platform and learn how to stay away from it and don't listen to it. We should care about this because humans don't understand how they keep us on devices more and how they keep us believing what's on it and to show people what's behind the screen and to show people what they're doing make people smarter and can learn from it. Maybe we can start spreading more love and joy through the app/website and start living our life smarter and with a better mindset.

The “The Social Dilemma” is worth watching to question your habits and it works on your habits. The reason why this movie is worth watching is that it can help you work on your habits and see where you are in the situation and can help you know about your habits and why they're good or bad. Evidence to support that this movie is worth watching to question your habits and work on your habits is “You pull down and you refresh, it’s going to be a new thing at the top. Pull down and refresh again, it’s new. Every single time. Which, in psychology, we call a positive intermittent reinforcement. You don’t know when you’re going to get it or if you’re going to get something, which operates just like the slot machines in Vegas. It’s not enough that you use the product consciously, I want to dig down deeper into the brain stem and implant, inside of you, an unconscious habit so that you are being programmed at a deeper level. You don’t even realize it.” This supports the topic sentence as it shows how they need to dig deeper into your mind and enforce an addiction to a deeper degree and also you do not even comprehend it and this shows that in case you didn't realize approximately some of the habits and the way they enforce on your existence. The evidence helps the subject sentence and reasoning because it shows and gives proof that they do create addiction in your life and this may destroy your life by knowing what they do to create it you may undo that and paint your behavior. Evidence that supports the movie and my topic sentence are “That’s a little too simplistic. It’s the gradual, slight, imperceptible change in your behavior and perception that is the product. And that is the product. It’s the only possible product. There’s nothing else on the table that could be called the product. That’s the only thing there is for them to make money from. Changing what you do, how you think, who you are. It’s a gradual change. It’s slight. If you can go to somebody and you say, “Give me $10 million, and I will change the world one percent in the direction you want it to change…” It’s the world! That can be incredible, and that’s worth a lot of money.” This quote explains the topic sentence due to the fact there are little signs and symptoms and signs and symptoms to someone's behavior and the made from that behavior is even worse so we try to prevent the conduct and work on no longer doing it anymore. The evidence supports the topic sentence because in the movie it says “Persuasive technology is just sort of design intentionally applied to the extreme, where we want to modify someone’s behavior. We want them to take this action. We want them to keep doing this with their finger.”This quote indicates that even persuading can create a habit and can exchange a person's behavior. Standard habits aren't good for your life and we should overcome them and the primary thing to do is to understand what we have done and what we should keep doing. That is vital because if we do not know what we are doing incorrectly or what happened we have we can't repair it and we can not wish ourselves within the manner we want to. We need to care about this since we conduct remarkable struggles in a whole lot of humans' lives and one greater awful habit can create stress and may create the person to be crushed.

A few humans would possibly argue that “The Social Dilemma” isn't always well worth watching due to the fact they already know plenty about technology and don't want any more information. In the movie, it states “The way to think about it is it’s 2.7 billion Truman Shows. Each person has their reality, with their own… facts. My evidence helps the topic sentence because it shows how absolutely everyone believes their own thing and they don't need anyone else to tell them what to believe or not. However, wouldn't you like to research more facts about the topic to be a wiser individual, and mostly what human beings say on social media is false.¨We’ve created a system that biases towards false information. Not because we want to, but because false information makes the companies more money than the truth. The truth is boring.¨This proof helps my rebuttal and reasoning as it shows how the truth is boring now so people make more lies simply because it is exciting. This is such a good topic to speak on as it's sad to see how society is now. This subject matter proves that the truth is something only that some human beings share, however, the lies are famous. We should care due to the fact society is going to come to be not trustworthy and from this everything people say would be false. It will turn out to be extra false every day and from that, it is hard to consider what's taking place. We need to step in now and change society before it's too late.

This is why this movie is so effective in your life to show how much you didn't already know about technology and how much you could know from watching this movie. This can help you learn more about technology and be more aware of it. This can also help us break away from technology and learn to fix our habits. The people in the movie are just trying to help us and give us inside information we didn't know about technology to help us be better.


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