Social Structure Research Paper

Social Structure Research Paper
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📌Published: 16 April 2021

From the beginning of time, civilizations and forms of social structures have existed. Social structures are constraints that affect the lives of both the affluent and the indigent members of society. Each society has its own set of social arrangements. Class, gender and ethnicity are all constraints that each society has to deal with, one of the biggest structures being class. The idea of class structure is found in all societies and leads to economic inequality that has shown in all forms of society starting as early as the 1400s in the indigenous people. It  started to become more apparent in which the modern society in which one lives in today was formed. Social structures have evolved under the certain characteristics of class, ethnicity, and gender.

The idea of class and superiority has been part of the beginning of time of civilizations. The idea of class and the caste system idea started dating back to the late 1400s. The Spanish people of Hispanic areas of America developed a social system or caste system in which one was ranked by class. This idea of rankings in society by the amount of “class” or good social standing one had started in the early structure of America and continued into more modern America. The system of employer and employee is a social system in which is modern today, being developed centuries ago in the 1600s. Things like using Africans for slaves developed superiority which ended in one being a higher class than another that eventually became what is known as a social structure in a society. As later on in history when more people of higher “class” were becoming more apparent. People like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and many affluent people that served on courts and committees, were to be the higher society class. They were seen that way due to the social structures in which one adhered beforehand. A structure like slaves and slave owners formed this new idea of class and wealth because most men of higher society in the time of the 1700s were slave owners. The way in which society had lived and formed developed in which the structures that were seen there later on. Structures like these created the structures that are seen in 21st American society like, presidency, congress, occupations of higher society, like doctors and lawyers. The social structures continued to evolve and formed the structure by which a modern American lives by.

Ethnicity and race are something that had started and continued on, even to modern day. It happens to still be a struggle and somewhat social structure in which one chooses. Starting back to when African slaves were introduced. Many believed the color of their skin led to the way in which society must see them. The color of their skin was adapted to where many followed the social structure of slavery. African Americans and many people of the indigenous cultures struggled with identity and where the people of America believed where they belonged. Overtime, as slavery evolved many abolitionist groups fought for ending slavery and newly small characteristics of social structures were brought up and supported. Political structures were created and many supported the movement of abolishing slaves and supported the wrong in the social structure in which it was used during the time. Parties that contributed to the social structure like the Liberty, free-soil and the conscience whigs party all contributed and formed by the idea of slaves being worth less than whites in the social structure. Slavery and race was a popular topic of the 19th century. Rebellions and reforms took place in spite of the current structure in which the color of skin determined the way they lived. 


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