Space Exploration Essay Example

Space Exploration Essay Example
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📌Published: 02 May 2021

Crash and burn just like the money we need and the astronaut's safety. We should delay our exploration to outer space. The cost of space exploration can accumulate to be hefty amounts of needed money. Even with millions of dollars out into it, there is no guarantee that the astronauts what could happen. 

Overwilling amounts of needed money are spent every time we want to go into space. In the text, The Space Race is a Waste of Money the author stated " the Orbiting Carbon Observatory, a $278 million package which blasted off from Vandenberg air force base on Tuesday and promptly crashed into the Pacific. The satellite, we were told, would advance the study of global warming.". In today society money is what we all need, Nasa's 'projects' can harbor in millions of dollars that could go into active programs to stop global warming or to help families in need. But instead, they go into money hungry programs like Nasa. In the text, The Space Race is a Waste of Money, the author stated, " Bush's project, priced at $400 billion (about $1,200 per person in the US), was inspired by his desire to stay ahead of the Chinese in the new space race.". This also gives in to the idea that Nasa is not trying to help society but would spend billions of dollars to beat another country at something so unworthy. Space exploration should need to take billions of dollars' worth from our society for something not needed.  

Safety in outer space is not reliable. In the text The Dangers of Space Travel the author stated " In Earth’s orbit now, there are millions of pieces of trash. These pieces of trash are “floating” at roughly 4 miles per second, turning a tiny fleck of paint into the equivalent of a bullet!". Even with advanced technology today these pieces of trash can ruin billions of dollars' worth of things in a flash. In the text The Dangers of Space Travel, the author stated, "Radiation particles from the Sun and space are moving at high speeds and can rip through our DNA molecules causing damage or cancer and other diseases.". Something as unneeded as space exploration should not have that much effect on us. Even though space exploration has caused modern technology to arise, at what cost does space becomes too risky for our health. Space exploration is like the tide pod challenge, it is a safety hazard.  

We should not try to force something we do not need and instead focus on what we have. The cost it takes to make a tube go into space is as inefficient and my grandma's life support. Same with the safety hazard astronauts must make to get information that could be solved in other ways.

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