Speech On National Honor Society Induction Ceremony

Speech On National Honor Society Induction Ceremony
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📌Published: 27 March 2021

The ending of the semester is near and I trust I ought to receive a passing grade for English 100 & 22. I know I’ve missed a couple of classes due to family problems and technical difficulties, but I have never used it as an excuse not to finish my assignments. I have completed all works given but also gave my 100% effort to do a great job. I’m not the brightest student among my classmates but knowing I pushed myself to do my best is what matters the most. English is my least favorite subject that’s why I have taken this course over a few times. I’ve always battled with the organization of my papers whether my points are transitioning clearly and making sense to my readers. I overcame this challenge by using the seven learning outcomes I’ve learned, in my essay. This has truly helped me improve my writing skills. 

This is my third time taking English 100 and 22, my first semester of English wasn’t so great, it was my first year and writing essays was all new to me, especially because in high school I’ve never written an essay before. And with all the essays due consistently every week in college, it was in fact difficult to keep up. My professor was strict and I didn’t understand her assignments so I simply just stop attending class cause I felt stupid to keep asking for help. From that point forward I continued overlooking to take an English course scared I was simply just going to fail again. But finally this year it was mandatory for me to take the class for me to move forward to other classes. So here I am, promised to dedicate myself to this class with a passing grade and promised not to make the same mistakes as before and actually learn something. 

As you can tell English isn’t my number one subject however, that didn’t stop me from trying to completing this course. With all the essays given in this course, I would state the research paper was the paper I struggled the most with but on the other hand, one of the papers I’m generally proud of. All through the paper, the organization appeared to be the issue. I had trouble putting my points in order and finding the right sources for my topic. After going over my first draft, and receiving feedback from my professor and peer reviews. I was able to learn how to correctly organize my paper by labeling my points that related to my thesis. Labeling the paragraphs with my points helped me to know what information to look up that supports my claim and also it gave me ideas on what I’m going to write about in paragraphs. This very much helps my paragraphs transition clearly.

As for my topic, I chose for my research paper was Covid19 being a worldwide issue, I searched on the internet for information that related to my topic but most of the sources I found weren’t credible. With the leeward library database, I’ve discovered numerous great sources that had credible information and were appropriate for my topic. With this database, I was able to find the right evidence to support my arguments in my essay. Overall with the sources I found and helpful feedbacks from my professor I was confident I was on the right track with my paper. Not have I only overcame my organization and source problem, but I was able to better my word choice in my writing and completing the word count for my research paper but the rest of the essays that were given. After finishing my research paper I was confident to turn it in knowing I had followed the instruction and rubric. My paper was correctly formatted,  and corrected my grammar, and included better word choice. I used my time wisely to finish my paper and turn it in on time.

Moreover all through this course, I was able to use my time wisely which I have never done before, I have learned to set a time for just staying focus and doing my homework. At first, it wasn’t easy but eventually, I got used to it. I would spend three or four hours at the beginning of the day to work on my assignments and the rest of the day is free time. This was a good schedule for me because after it did with my homework hours it gives me a rewarding feeling, I could go on with my day feeling good knowing I got some things done. Time management is the key that helped me throughout this course, with all the assignments that were given for example the exercises, essays, and discussion posts.  I was able to complete them feeling confident knowing I’ve taken the time to look over my work, edit what needed to be fixed, and put my 100% effort into my work. 

I believe I should receive a passing grade for both English 100 and 22 since I have put my 100 % effort into my work and overall learned to incorporate the learning outcomes into my writing which has assisted me with improving my writing much more than the beginning of this course. I wouldn’t say my work is perfect but I could say I  have honestly pushed myself to succeed and adapted to new things which are allowing me to receive and ask for help and to use my time wisely. By the end of the semester, I realized what I have learned during this course has taught me how to write better. I want to thank my professor especially for making the class feel comfortable to ask for help and recommending the writing center for extra help. This has truly helped me overcome the challenges I faced in my writing and pushed me to do better knowing they’re people here willing to help me.

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