Spend Money Or Save Money Essay Example

Spend Money Or Save Money Essay Example
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📌Published: 07 April 2021

Living in the dense economy era of the 1930s was an experience that brought many challenges while performing the completion of this task. I have organized numerous experiments and day to day relevancies to make every dollar count during the high spending seasons of the Holidays.  Stretching every dollar to its fullest potential meant a lot during times of depression, as with the budget of 75 dollars to spend, I had to determine to convey rash decisions. I had to undergo the calculations of calories per month for each adult and kid to arrange the amount of food that I was going to need to buy for my family, as I did not want to go financially over more than I needed. I had to consider the measurements for each food product to estimate if that nourishment could indeed serve us through the month. For instance, I know that 1 quart of milk will not last me a whole month, as it is only half a jug. Therefore I had to estimate the recommended amounts of milk needed by the daily milk percentage for two adults and two kids needs.  Additionally, I decided to rent a three-bedroom apartment rather than paying a mortgage for a house, as I believe paying forty-five dollars a month for a living space with a discrete budget would have been an irresponsible financial move. Since my working spouse brings an additional eight dollars, we would have spent nearly half of our budget on the arrangements of our living space. That meant we would only have thirty dollars to spend on food, clothes, necessities, and holiday needs as I had decided to operate. I made the sacrifice for a rented smaller living space to effectively have more rather than little, as I believe owning a property would have lowered our chances of Christmas and the amount of food. I furthermore made occupations that saw fit as unnecessary buying, that would have drained our budget for no valued reason. An example of this would be opting out to purchase a coat. I immensely consider that most Canadians would already have a coat, due to the cold Canadian wintery weather from previous years.  Therefore purchasing another expensive coat would be worthless as the consumption of our budget would escalate quickly.  Being creative with mixing foods and ingredients had to be prepared since smaller dishes on the side indicated we would have more variety of foods during meals. Rather than just having a $1.85¢ turkey every day, I had additionally bought vegetable oil, rice, salmon, and carrots to make fried carrot rice with salmon. This meal is 83 cents less expensive than the turkey, which was only specially bought once for the Christmas diner. The 1930s great depression lifestyle is difficult in many aspects of common day necessities such as housing, bills, rent, food, and clothes, as many of these essentials were too expensive for most during the great depression. Unemployment and low pay determined most families or individuals to abandon their past lives or current ones for a fresh new beginning. Selling non-essential items such as radios, cars, and even properties constitutes the cost of survival through the 1930s era. Living under tents or cancelling popular holidays to pay bills and food, sought the lifestyle of stress, fear, and anger for many during the 1930s. Food rations and labour camps were the last resort for many Canadians during the depression, while the support of government officials was near to non-existent. Therefore allowing all groups of the 1930s Candian society to be detrimentally affected. In conclusion, the 1930s economic great depression left the whole world under a crisis for survival and hunger, as all groups of people were not able to make it through the downfall of the great depression.

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