Striving For Equality By Ida B. Wells and Rosa Parks

Striving For Equality By Ida B. Wells and Rosa Parks
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📌Published: 21 March 2021

Ida wells and Rosa Parks felt that racial segregation was wrong. They thought that being treated unfairly because of the color of your skin was wrong. They knew it was right to do something about it. So they stood up for themselves. Even though they knew they could be put in danger by their actions.

Racial segregation is when people are separated because of the color of their skin. Things were mark as "white" or "colored". But that's not the worst part things marked "colored" or "nergro" tend to be lower class. A bathroom marked "whites" would be clean and fancy. But bathrooms marked "negros" or "colored" would be dirty and barely to never cleaned. 

Ida well thought segregation was so wrong that she sued the bus company. Even though the case was overturned. She still accomplished something she made a point, which was that it was wrong. She couldn't control being black so why should she be treated badly because she was black.

Rosa Parks knew that she would be dragged from her. She had the choice to move or not. She could have just moved to the back but she didn't and she did it to make a point. That racial segregation was wrong that she didn't have to move just because she was black. The bus should have been randomized, not separated. The is an example of racial segregation.

The text says "The railroads’ attempt to separate African Americans and whites was demonstrated that day in 1884 when Ida was forced out of her seat. Fuming mad, she sued the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad." This shows that Ms. Wells was angry with the way she was treated. She was so angry that she sued the company.

In conclusion, Both Ida wells, and Rosa Parks thought racial segregation is wrong because everyone should be treated the way they wanted to be treated. Also because it was wrong to treat anyone unfairly because of how that looks, sounds or even smells.

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