Studying Medicine in Ivy League School

Studying Medicine in Ivy League School
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📌Published: 11 April 2021

Over the next few years, I aspire to attend and graduate from an ivy league school in the United States to study medicine, and plan on working exceptionally hard to achieve this goal, in spite of the hindrances I may face. To begin with, I have always desired to challenge myself and strive for an institution that is deemed one of the most prestigious and reputable in the world. Along with this, it would make my parents proud to know I was able to go beyond their current expectations. However, there may be some obstacles on the path to obtaining such. For instance, when I perform poorly in any task, I become unmotivated easily. I tend to procrastinate frequently and do assignments merely a few days prior to the due date, resulting in an overload of work and stress. In addition, I rarely tryout for sports teams or clubs at school due to a lack of self-confidence. Bearing extra-curricular activities would be very beneficial on my transcripts when applying for esteemed colleges and universities. Nevertheless, I will find a way to eliminate these barriers and achieve this goal by doing my homework everyday, studying for tests and completing assignments several days prior to the deadline, acquiring the confidence to engage in more activities both inside and outside of school, continually asking for assistance from teachers when I require it, and staying motivated and steadfast regardless of my failures through meditation and self-reflection to release stress. In conclusion, my ability to circumvent these obstacles and construct plans to guarantee success will enable me to achieve my goal of attending an ivy league school. 

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