Susan Eloise Hinton Life Essay Example

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An author whose work began with cowboys and gunfights leading to the making of the outsider, Susan Eloise Hinton was according to “S. E. Hinton” by FAMOUS AUTHORS “born in Tulsa, Oklahoma on the 22nd of July 1950.” In her teen's books that were directed towards her demographic never seem to interest her. She wanted something that would truly represent teenagers of her time and era, nothing like the cliché love stories. To deliver this in the most authentic way she took inspiration from real-life creating a story of two gangs’ rivalry.  This book not only touches on gang violence but also a class division of the lower middle class ‘greasers’ and the upper class ‘Socs’ gang. This novel called ’The Outsiders’ soon became one of the most renowned novels of the time even after all the criticism. According to ‘’S. E. Hinton” by FAMOUS AUTHORS states that” It sold over 4 million copies in the US.” These accomplishments are even more shocking because Susan was still in high schools when her novels were published. 

Using the money from ‘The Outsiders’ she went to the University of Tulsa where she met her partner David Inhofe who she married in (1970) and had a child within August of (1983) named Nicholas David Inhofe. After her marriage Susan wrote her second novel, a story of two brother separating caused by differences called ‘That was Ten, This was now’. Continuing from her theme of gang violence her novel ‘Rumble Fish’ (published in 1975) a man loses everything in this life trying to become someone he is not. Then dabbling with her second novel she makes another book about two brothers were in this end are not being separated but bonded by a hectic family. To change thing up Susan goes way back to her childhood and in her next novel ‘Taming the Star Runner’ (published in 1988) writes about a boy living with his uncle in the countryside clashing with classmates and discovering himself. 

Multiple of Susan’s novels had film adaptations directed by Francis Ford Coppola, where she also had the chance to appear in cameos. Then in 1988 was awarded the Margaret A Edwards Awards for her YA novels which were published in 1967 and fun fact sold 14million copies. Hinton maturing as one does decide to make adult book like ‘Hawkes Harbor’ (published in 2004) where a character named Jamie ventures in exotic ports all over the world as a criminal that smuggles, gun runs, and murders for the fun of it. Only worsening his situations because of the lingering thoughts of unworthiness to live and experience happiness.


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