Tangerine by Edward Bloor Book Review

Tangerine by Edward Bloor Book Review
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📌Published: 25 April 2021

There are many choices introduced in the novel ‘Tangerine’  by Edward Bloor. A choice that stood out is when Paul’s mother decided to grant his wish of allowing him to move schools. He moved from Lake Windsor to Tangerine Middle School,both of these schools gave Paul different opportunities. Along with that choice came many consequences; both good and bad. Paul got the chance to meet new people, get out of his brother Erik Fisher's shadow, and he got a chance to get into the school soccer team and play. 

The first  consequence of Paul moving to Tangerine Middle School was that he got to play soccer. In Paul’s previous school, Lake Windsor, his mother turned in an IEP which meant that the school didn’t let him play in the soccer team. It’s different in Tangerine Middle School when Paul practically begs his parents to let him go there and without an IEP turned in. On page 59 Paul brings up reasons why they should let him go there. He told his father that he doesn’t care that he doesn’t pay attention to him and gives all the attention to Erik and the ‘Erik Fisher Football Dream’. To his mother he told her that she basically ruined his life when he started going to Lake Windsor and she turned the IEP. 

Another consequence of Paul moving to Tangerine Middle School is that he got to meet new people and make new friends and get out of his comfort zone. When he first started to become friends with Tino he became more confident and he knew that he could speak up to things. On page 173 when the police went to find Arthur because of the death of Luis Cruz, Paul spoke up about what he saw and that Erik was involved in it too. He did something that no one could have the courage to do which is call out Erik. If he was still the same Paul in Lake Windsor he would've never had the courage to speak up about it.

The last consequence that stood out is Tangerine Middle School allowing Paul to get out of Erik’s shadow. When Paul started going to Tangerine Middle he got the opportunity to be his own self and not “Erik Fisher’s  brother” An example is when he told his parents that he wanted to go to Tangerine Middle and that he didn’t care if his parents didn’t pay as much attention to him as they do to Erik. Paul was creating his own version of “Erik Fisher Football Dream” but for himself and with soccer. This was presented on Page 59. 

In conclusion, these are the 3 consequences of Paul’s mother allowing him to go to Tangerine Middle School. This opened up many new opportunities that he couldn’t get at Lake Windsor. All of these consequences affected Paul in very different ways, but for the better.

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