Teaching Philosophy Essay Example

Teaching Philosophy Essay Example
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📌Published: 11 March 2021

The philosophy I was most linked to was progressivism, and I think that's a good one to base my thoughts on because I do believe that schools should allow students. To reflect upon your own values and reflect social change. after all 30 years ago many gay students I'm sure were very uncomfortable being open with their sexuality, and as times change and we become more accepting and progressive (heh, get it?) school should foster this growing acceptance.  One of the reasons why I think it's important to foster acceptance and to give exposure to different kinds of people of different races, religions, cultures and sexual orientation. 

Because personally I had certain biases towards a certain group, as embarrassing as it is to admit. because I had ignorance. Now I wasn't racist or anything; however I had certain preconceived notions about Muslims. After all the only exposure I had ever had to anyone who was associated with Islam was terrorist attacks, 911 the Afghan war and the Iraq war. It wasn't till my sophomore year where my English teacher had a Jewish girl, and a Muslim girl come in and just talk about their religion what they thought of one another. How they didn't have religious differences changed. I thought they had one another. For me this was simply culture shock Muslims and Jews don't exactly have the best relations with one another. so to see them just talk to each other like people and laugh at each other's jokes it was both inspiring as well as eye opening. which is why it's so embarrassing, but I think it's important to say where I'm coming from where I think that schools have such an advantage of how there's such a mixing pot of different peoples from all walks of life. Between different religions, races and income levels and how we can bridge the walls we have ourselves to different people. 

The classroom isn't just to teach people how to write better or to speak publicly with more grace. it's too also to foster kinship and camaraderie with people you went in associate with otherwise with bonds that'll last a lifetime. The teacher's role in education reform although much lower than the federal governments or the school board I view to be as equally important if not more so. Teachers are the front line soldiers of new teaching methods and technology integration techniques especially due ti covid where any teachers have to think on their feet to try to make the best of a bad situation. It's my personal belief that teachers should have a greater role when it comes to technology integration. After all with modern technology it's possible for teachers all access America and globally to speak with each other So the ability for teachers to discuss and debate the merits of certain activities or technology is already available to us. 

For instance it's not just wise for teachers to tell others in power abou what works, but also what does not. I think it's important for teachers to express their failures as well as their accomplishments without scrutiny to really find out the best methods to make learning fun for everyone! It also need not be just course material questions such as teacher pay, how best to deal bullying on a school level and how to make immigrant children feel comfortable and accepted in the classroom can all be up for discussion. A student's role is simple: they are to show about 7:35 AM each day, hang out for essentially 8 hours and leave school every day with slightly more knowledge than they had before. yet that's not the only thing that students do; they collaborate with other students. They look forward to certain teachers everyday they create certain groups with friends that'll last forever. Not because it's required, but because that's simply what students do. while meeting with people they  wouldn't otherwise. The role of the students is to show up to school; however it's up to the student to decide if that's the only thing they're going to do. The role of the teacher is much more specific. It's to foster a personal relationship with the students as well as helping students find their passion. it's to give them a smile even if they're not smiling back. To run two miles, when they think they can only run one. To create a classroom that's not just about teaching but also about compassion and acceptance for one another as we are as people no one chooses to be born poor or rage black or white gay or straight, but as teachers we can bridge the gap that life gives us so no one has seen as what they are but as who they are as people.  ​

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