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  • Published: 03 May 2021
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There are several heroes in Canadian history. Terry Fox certainly stood out to me as one of the greatest Canadian heroes. He was an athlete, a humanitarian, and an activist for cancer research. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with bone cancer, so he ran across Canada to raise money for cancer research. Terry was athletic since he was a young man, and he also had qualities of hard work and determination. In eighth grade, Terry played a minute the whole season but that didn’t stop him from getting better. Terry always wanted to improve, so with hard work and determination, he tried out for his high school basketball team and became a starter. (Maxine 2007) Terry had cancer and a leg amputated which ultimately convinced him to help others going through the same problem. This was demonstrated when he went to the hospital and saw young people suffering from the disease. He could never forget how unreal the experience was and the pain he felt. “It took cancer to realize that being self-centered is not the way to live. The answer is to try and help others”. (The terry fox foundation 2021) Terry started fundraisers and campaigns and also ran across Canada for cancer awareness and research. He fought hard for cancer which is how he got labeled as a cancer research activist. Terry started his journey at St. John's and headed west to run across Canada to raise cancer awareness during The Marathon of Hope. His Marathon was highly successful and attracted many Canadians by the end of his run he raised over twenty-four million dollars. Terry inspired people to fight against cancer. He set an excellent example and worked so hard to achieve his goals, despite having one leg. His determination and passion became a great example for other Canadians and even many people worldwide. A fundraising institution in his name the Terry Fox Foundation is to have raised over seven hundred and fifty million dollars in his name. (the battle against cancer blog 2016) The above statements prove my point as to why Terry fox was such an amazing individual Terry was the optimum example of what a Canadian should be like he really changed the way people view disabilities such as cancer, he inspired many people around the world not only that, but he raised funds for the cause too. He will be remembered for his great accomplishments, and his legacy will forever live on.


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