The 1910s’ Three Most Important Events in Canada

Canada has an interesting, and exquisite history. However, in my opinion, the three most significant events in the 1910s include the Halifax Explosion, the Spanish Flu, and the Fort Henry Internment. Here are my reasons for why…

The Halifax Explosion was one of the most significant and interesting events that happened in Canada. The explosion was a catastrophe that unexpectedly occurred on the morning of December 6, 1917, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It took effect due to a French cargo ship labeled as the SS Mont-Blanc. The cargo ship was crowded with an abundance of highly flammable contents. The SS Mont-Blanc was minding its own business until it collided with the Norweigan vessel named the SS Imo. As the collision started expanding, a fire happened on board the Mont-Blanc which led to an enormous explosion that ravaged the Richmond district of Halifax. A thousand, seven hundred eighty-two people were killed by either the debris, collapsed buildings, blast, or fires, while around nine thousand civilians were fatally injured. At the time, that explosion was the largest to ever be human-made, leaking the equivalent energy of around 2.9 kilotons. This unfortunate incident was a turning point for Canada’s safety measures, evacuations, and alerts. Because of this incident, Canada has sirens and alerts for necessary and dangerous situations. For example, if there is a strong hurricane, tornado, or missile landing in Canada, our phones, and televisions would make a siren sound followed by a message to inform civilians of the situation. Unlike the era of the Halifax Explosion where word got out to a few people who had to inform their neighbors about the terrifying incident, and that manner of “spreading the word” cost Halifax a lot of time. The information regarding the explosion led me to rate it a -5 since it tremendously harmed over a thousand people unnecessarily, and its negatives outweigh its positives. Therefore, the Halifax Explosion is one of the most talked-about, and significant events in Canadian History.

The Spanish Flu is a model that is often referenced since currently, we are in a pandemic. The Spanish Flu is also known as the 1918 Influenza Pandemic was an incredibly harmful, and dangerous pandemic. Lasting from February 1918 to April 1920. It is estimated that the deadly flu-infected around five hundred million people while killing around seventeen to one hundred million people. In 1918, five hundred million people getting infected meant that one-third of the population caught the virus. What does this mean? This means that this is one of the deadliest pandemics in human history. The first few cases were documented in Kansas, United States, France, and Great Britain. Those three countries were very populated allowing the virus to break free, and sicken more people. A reason why the Spanish Flu occurred at the end of WWI was that during the war, there were many diseases, and bacteria flowing everywhere with rats surrounding trenches. So, when soldiers would arrive home back to their families, they would carry some of the diseases that were created from the horrible conditions during the war. The reason why the 1918 Influenza Pandemic is very significant for Canada today is that we are facing a similar situation. It is no secret that COVID is growing, and will continue to grow unless we continue patching it up. However, what is important to acknowledge is that the way society is dealing with COVID is similar to the way the Spanish Flu was contained. Yes, I am talking about masks… Masks were never an ideal part of everyday life, and everyday interactions, but now it is. Due to the Spanish Flu recommending the possession of masks, we are wearing them. We do this because we are hoping to end COVID by repeating similar successful techniques that the 1918 pandemic used. Thus, the Spanish Flu is essential for Canada in the 21st century since it is our role model for the way we shall perceive and battle CoronaVirus. Furthermore, the Spanish Flu was the primary reason for why the Federal Department of Health was founded. The Health Department is a huge gain mainly due to the manner in which it is a guidance for how contaminants should be handled. As for rating, I rate the Spanish Flu a -3 because it killed more people than WWI, and it harmed a third of the population in the late 1910s. However, it is not a -5 considering the fact that it is a role model for how society shall battle COVID, and it is the reason why the Health Department was formed. Therefore, the Spanish Flu was a shocking and terrifying period for Canadian History, but it has its fair share of ups and downs.


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