The Argument Against Longer School Days Essay

The Argument Against Longer School Days Essay
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📌Published: 10 April 2021

Dear School Board, 

You can't do this to us. We already spend seven hours in school and there is no way you can change add an extra hour. What about our mental health, doesn't that matter? I cant be in a class I find boring for more time then I need to. What about all the family issues going on at home that I cant help with if i'm in school. School is to stressful as it is and adding time to the school day will not help our mental heath which is way more important then any subject school teaches us. 

The moment I wake up for school I start to feel stressed because i'm remind of the work I'll be getting from my teachers. With an increase of school time students could get increased amount of work which will cause unneeded stress for students. Studies show that high school students have the same anxiety as a 1980's psychiatric patient. Other then teaching schools aim to help kids mentally and I don't feel those needs would be met if they were to add an extra hour to the school day. in conclusion unless you want students to feel stressed and overloaded with school work it wouldn't be to wise to add time to the school 

Thankfully our school offers students lots of opportunities to do after school activities. Students with after school activities have to keep their grade up in order to stay on a team of their choosing. Instead of letting kids out of school at 2:05 adding an extra hour adds on to practice time and cause students to get home at five when it’s dark outside. This leads to not having time or energy for homework. This can lead to bad grades and getting kicked off the team. This will apply more stress which will cause unmotivation. After school activities does not only include sports but taking care of little sibling. Some kids are faced with a task of raising their younger siblings while their parents are trying to come home with money to feed their kids. With no one to take care of younger siblings that can cause financial problems. Not only is there younger siblings but there’s community hours that kids help with to make out community a safer place. We can do any of these things with longer school days. 

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