The Argument Against Longer School Days Essay Example

The Argument Against Longer School Days Essay Example
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📌Published: 15 March 2021

Already stressed out about school? How would you feel if they added another hour and a half? It wouldn’t be a good idea would it? I personally do not think so! There's many reasons why I don't think it's a good idea. It could affect the students in different ways. Here's a few reasons I think make a good argument.

Mental health is a very important aspect in a person's life, especially a school student. It can affect how they perform in school, and out of school. If a student suffers from depression, anxiety, or any other mental/physical disabilities, it can be difficult to bring themselves to try in school. They may just not have the energy to try. They may not be able to comprehend everything going on so it stresses them out. Adding school time would only worsen this  issue. It would be concerning since a lot of students don’t reach out to others. This would cause their mental health to decline. A student would do better if they have a better mental stability. 

A student may have a difficult home life. They could possibly have a younger sibling that they need to care for since the parents aren't there. Their parents might need help with something. If they were kept longer in school it would distract from these things. This could cause students to stress more, relating back to my previous point, it could affect their mental health. IF a student becomes overwhelmed with worries or guilt, it could have a bad outcome. No one would ever want that to happen to someone they love. It could cause them to stay up more often to try to make up for when they felt as if they weren’t there for their family. Suicide awareness is a very important issue, stress and sadness are some of the reasons people commit. Longer school hours could worsen this issue yet again. 

If a student is old enough to have an income source of their own, staying more hours at school could take away from their job hours. School is just as important as a job, if not more, but if they are saving up to move out from a toxic household or saving up for a nice college, they're going to need the work hours. Money is important in the world we live in, I get told often “nothing comes for free, there's always a price” and I think that is a very important statement. They could be saving up for many different things, maybe a car to attend school without being dependent upon their guardians. They could be saving up to help parents with bills. It's very important to have some money, even if you're still under your parents roof. Most students who attend school and work either end up with weekend shifts, which can take away from family time, or night shifts, which can affect your sleep schedule. As I have stated many times before, sleep is very important for keeping up grades, and having a decent mood.

All of the reasons I have said are why I personally think we should not lengthen school days. By just adding such a small amount of school time can mess up someone's entire daily schedule. It's a very important thing, especially if their schedule is already tight and doesn't have room for being interrupted by something unnecessary. While I do see the benefits of adding more hours, there's more cons than pros.

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