The Autobiography of Malcolm X Essay Example

The Autobiography of Malcolm X Essay Example
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📌Published: 18 March 2021

Within Malcolm X being sent to prison he took that as an opportunity to expand himself internally. Malcolm X gained knowledge about the historical events in the past, about science, about the world, and just everything that led up to the way things were during his time. It seemed that he had the opportunity to learn about the aspects of everything that intrigued him. Having this knowledge helped him see the world differently, it helped Malcolm X build perspective and open his mind to new ideas and thoughts that were shared later on and formed a movement. Based on this autobiography, I can say that learning and knowledge itself can have a huge impact on someone’s understanding of the world. Before Malcolm X went to prison, he did not read or write as well as he should have. But eventually, Malcolm X began his extensive studying that changed his life.  The autobiography just highlights how important learning is and can have an individual's view on the world, it doesn't necessarily need to be in a classroom setting and it is clear that he was not interested in going back to the classroom. So it shaped his view of the world. I personally believe that knowledge equals power, it equals power within that is exuded out. It is powerful to have understanding. With knowledge, an individual can inform themselves while informing others and that itself can make a change, which is powerful.

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