The Balance Between Work And Play

The Balance Between Work And Play
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📌Published: 10 April 2021

Work time and playtime are two diffrent and interesting things and you might want to manage time for both. So you don't have too much stress during or after the week.

Work time is a time where you can accumulate stress. For work time you  need to be serious and be productive with what you do ,so you can get paid and be able to afford things that you need. From work time can come stress and stress is something you don't want to hold on to ,for stress can lead to a lot of things you don't want, especially grey hair.

Play time on the other hand can release stress ,for you are doing things that you enjoy to do that you can't do during work. Play time is necessary to relieve stress so you don’t overwhelm yourself with too much. Play time does not look the same for everyone; one person's play time could be another person's work time and they may or may not enjoy it. Personally for me my play time is being at home during the weekend and being able to listen to music,play games,rest from the week and not have to worry about what I am doing tomorrow.

Play time and work time do need to be managed,so you don't overwhelm yourself with the unnecessary stress.even though you may not be able to get all the playtime you want. How do you manage your work and play time?

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