The Benefits of Self-awareness

Lawrence Bossidy once said, “Self-awareness gives you the capacity to learn from your mistakes as well as your successes. It enables you to keep growing.” Self-awareness is the most precious skill an individual can have. Younger me always wondered what others thought of me. I recall being an insecure child, never desirous to hurt other people’s feelings or disappoint my parents. After that, I went through my teens and still am but I pushed the boundaries of what I was looking for. During that point, I remember spending significantly longer reflecting on how others perceived me. I later learned that none of that mattered, I learned that self-awareness is embedded within other people’s perceptions and is simultaneously constructed by the individual. Therefore I couldn’t change the way people perceived or thought of me. Once I knew this I let go and forgave myself for all the unnecessary pain I put myself through throughout my adolescence. I grew as a person and became more comprehensive and loving towards others and myself. 

A benefit self-awareness has brought me is better relationships. As self-awareness increases, you gain a generally better understanding of how you mostly affect others. This means that you will be generally more aware of the impact of your actions on your friends, family, and loved ones, making it generally easier to navigate relationships, contrary to popular belief. For example, you may avoid distinctly bringing up your family’s fundamentally pet's death to your five-year-old brother because that topic of conversation makes him very sad. Similarly, this same awareness elementally allows you to own up to your mistakes because you`re normally able to undoubtedly see when you in most cases are at fault, which certainly allows you to distinctly apologize and singularly heal the relationship.

As time goes by you start to develop a professional identity as If you`re fairly able to essentially understand how you chiefly impact others, you broadly can certainly change your presentation and behaviors. You notably learn how to mostly navigate mainly professional versus definitely private boundaries by particularly discovering what elementally is indeed appropriate and principally inappropriate to share within these principally different environments. When you kind of are pretty much self-aware you have the ability to pretty much notice when you in general say something fairly offensive. So if you`re in the workplace and you remarkably make a sexist joke, for example, and people appear physically uncomfortable, you should exceptionally both not tell that joke and ask yourself why you pretty much said it in the undoubtedly first place. Notably, self-awareness enables you to discover what should notably stay private.

Self-awareness essentially gives you never-ending self-Improvement. When you are aware of yourself, you exceptionally have specifically constant feedback that notably empowers you to change. You suddenly definitely realize that you are not as principally perfect as you once undoubtedly believed and you remarkably begin to surely identify the ways you can predominantly improve. As an honest introspective process, self-reflection is the whole powerful tool of refinement. You will forever have the ability to predominantly build upon your perceived strengths and work through your weaknesses to become a well predominantly rounded person.

After learning these three benefits of self-awareness, I was able to use it as a tool to improve myself. I began to analyze my strengths and weaknesses. I found ways to improve myself and work in my areas of development. I began to challenge myself to constantly check-in and see if I was authentic. If I am treating someone in a way that does not suit who I am, then I stop engaging in this behavior. I have pursued the things that make me happy, not the result, but the action. These new approaches have stimulated personal and professional change and intensified my love for living in this present moment.  I am aware of my physical, mental, and emotional well-being and know that it helps others. Self-awareness is one of the most valuable skills because of who a person is, and who they want to be. I believe self-awareness will help guide me with an open mind through college and even beyond that. Overall this specific skill has helped me overcome so much just by staying open-minded and I think if others were to develop this skill they could achieve goals and dreams they never thought they could.



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